Wilde Imagination Wilde Weekend – Secret Garden 2012 Recap (Pics Day 1)

tweeted by Jessica from the airport


The First Day

Just looking over the photos Michelle has been posting on the Wilde Imagination Facebook Page has been exciting. You can feel the energy and cheer as people came from all over the country to Louisville to the Sealbach Hotel to celebrate Wilde Imagination.Day 1. We’ll just be recapping the photo coverage here from the Wilde Facebook page, so definitely hop on over to each of the albums by clicking the titles to see more of each event. And we add in some tweets from collectors at the events too, who are tweeting on the #dollchat and #wildeweekend hashtags! (Special congrats to Twitter #dollchat favorite Lance who won best Male Costume!)

click to view the full agenda
Above is the agenda for the first afternoon and evening so you can follow along



Some of the Fun

Lobby Meet-ups


Set Up for Raffle


Registration Begins


More Friends at Registration


BJD Meet-Up


Volunteer Meeting Hosted by Ann Rast


Jessica tweeted this great pic of her Ellowyne in the Table Favor Steampunk undergarment.

Phin & Thea


tweeted by Jessica

Imperium Park Fun and Games


Lance with our Michelle – Lance won best Male Costume!

tweeted by Lance

Oh Costumes, Costumes, Costumes


Lance tweeted this Phin pic the prize for best Male Costume

Contestants/Winners of Costume Contest


Amazing Night Filled with Steampunk


Robert and Joe

Red Ribbon Opening for the Vendor Sales Room


Packed and Stacked Vendor Sales Room

Two Exclusives!

RESIN Ellowyne, Decadent Daydream, ONLY 125 pieces, $450.00 Exclusive Wilde Weekend Companion Doll


Graveside Flowers, RESIN Evangeline, Limited to 200 pieces, $450.00 Companion for the Wilde Weekend Exclusives


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