What’s Hot?! Tonner Doll Top Sales of the Week – Taxi! Billy…Again! | Nov 26

Wow. The City Girls are on a roll! They have filled our Top 12 lists now for 3 straight weeks, leading the way in sales on tonnerdoll.com. And Taxi! Billy from Tonner Toys was the most popular doll or character figure available on our site. This was an extended list that included not only all of last week, but also through our Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. It is great to see the just available ladies of our Dr. Seuss Collection on the Top 12 and Forever Edward riding high in 3rd Place too. Remember you can click on any title to go to shop the product page in one click, and you can thumbs up any item on the list that you love.

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3 responses to “What’s Hot?! Tonner Doll Top Sales of the Week – Taxi! Billy…Again! | Nov 26

  1. I know that this is not realeted but, how come Rapunzel cant have her hair taken out of the braid? I was looking forward to doing lots of hair styles to it! please respond.

    1. the braid can be taken down – you just need to clip the threads of the flowers – taking care not to cut the hair – the length of the hair at the bottom will be different lengths due to being braided – but it can be done if you are careful

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