What’s Hot?! – Tonner Doll Top Sales of the Week – Johnny Depp and On Sale | 8/17

Tonner Goes Depp – Top Sales

It was really a Johnny Depp week last week with 3 out of the 12 most popular dolls based on Johnny Depp characters. And the Tonner 8″ Tarrant Hightopp from Tim Burton’s 2010 version of Alice in Wonderland takes the day. He’s followed closely by Johnny as Captain Jack at number 2 and then again a little further down Johnny Depp as Futterwacken. You’ll also notice that 8 of the 12 came from our new Tonner On Sale page, a permanent listing of every doll or figure that is on sale. A great way to see things at a glance, be sure to give it a visit.

Read the List left to right, top to bottom. And what do you think, we expanded our weekly list from 10 to 12 as people have been really enjoying the insight of our list.

[listly id=”1dW” layout=”full”]

On Sale

Here is what our new On Sale page looks like take a browse.

Click photo to visit our On Sale page

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