Welcome Dr. Noreen to the Tonner Blog – My Life as a Doll Doctor

Meet Dr. Noreen

Our blog readers are in for a big treat as Dr. Noreen of our Doll Hospital will be beginning a column on our blog she calls My Life as a Doll Doctor, which will not only give us insight into all the happenings at the Doll Hospital but also into her own thoughts on dolls as a long time avid collector and repair artist. If you haven’t subscribed yet to our blog just enter your email there in the right hand corner.

It is pretty exciting to have Dr. Noreen’s intimate and knowledgeable view of dolls on our blog; for those that know her she is one special person. The first post in her weekly column should be out later today. Below is a clip from our 20th Anniversary Tonner DVD where Robert visits Dr. Noreen at our Doll Hospital here in Kingston, a nice introduction.

If you have a doll repair problem you can of course contact Dr. Noreen directly at:

Address: 14 Hurley Avenue Kingston NY, 12401 Phone: 845-339-2960 Hours: Wed-Sat 10am to 6pm EST Send her an Email

14 responses to “Welcome Dr. Noreen to the Tonner Blog – My Life as a Doll Doctor

  1. Welcome to this new blog…… We doll collectors love hearing how a doll can be rescued and live on……….. I have a 14″ Betsy McCall whose head acts floppy – (my Terry Lee doll is held together with bands and wondering if this doll has that issue) what kind of care does she need to enable her head to be posed again. She is a cute doll and was my initial introduction to the Tonner Doll Co. years ago.

    1. Thanks for all the warm welcomes! I feel I have so much to share….and I am just hoping you find this world of doll-doctoring as interesting as I do.
      And Catherine, your sweet little 14″ Betsy is a strung doll who may be eligible for a free re-stringing. Our earliest Betsy’s were strung with plaun rubber bands rather than the cloth-coated elastic. Please feel free to send her to me–or ask for a free restringing kit!

      1. I have an early Tonner 14″ Betsy marked 1996 strung with rubber bands and just learned about the restringing program. Her legs are beginning to loosen, and I want to preserve her by using the cloth-coated elastic. I would like to send her to you or have you send me the free restringing kit. Is the restringing process difficult? I have displayed her on top of my sewing machine cabinet all these years and don’t want her falling apart. Thank you very much for your help.

        1. Hi Cynthia,
          The re-stringing process is not difficult–but please feel free to send her in. Our address is listed under the Doll Hospital Tab on Tonnerdirect.com. If you would like us to mail out enough elastic and simple instructions..please email us with your mailing address and we would be happy to send a kit right out. I want to thank everyone for reading and following…it’s a great way to stay in touch! Dr. Noreen

          1. Thank you so much for your response. I would like to receive the elastic and instructions to perform the “surgery” myself. Please send the materials to:

            Cynthia Thornbury
            41267 Rue Chene
            Ponchatoula, LA. 70454

            I will let you know how it turns out.

    2. I have a Betsy for President doll that has the rubber bands that held her together. Will you please send me a restringing kit. Thank you

      Kathy Walker
      602 Hawthorn Lane
      Round Rock, Texas 78664

  2. Excellent! I love seeing all aspects of doll manufacture and sales – I have been hoping to see the unsung heroes of the doll world as well, the doll doctors.

    I lost track of how many dolls I had while growing up that my mother THREW AWAY!! because we had NO idea there were folks who could actually make them as good as new. I am STILL upset over the loss of my Superman doll, which my neighbor’s toddler destroyed.

    1. Miladyblue,
      so sorry to hear about that Superman doll. In the future should anything happen to one of those cherished dolls…drop me an email as I am always eager to help save those dolly lives. I think I am so lucky to love my job so much!

      1. Actually, you and your staff already HAVE helped save a well loved doll – in 2008, I bought my first brand new Tonner, a Super Stripes Angelina. Her left forearm snapped off, and I freaked out, because I had JUST taken her out of the box.

        She had just gotten off the UPS truck, and was very cold. I think the cold might have made the joint brittle – that’s the theory anyway. A kindly soul on Prego gave me the link to the Doll Hospital, and a week later, I had that Angelina back to me, safe and sound, and wearing the cutest hospital gown!

        So yes, any future doll problems? “Well, Blue Cross doesn’t cover doll hospitals, but you’re worth it, (fill in blank with doll name here).”

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