Our Top Tonner Facebook Fans – a new way to Celebrate Tonnerites

Facebook Passion

We want to let everyone know that we are experimenting with a Facebook app called Booshaka, which allows us to recognize and celebrate our most passionate Facebook fans and collectors. Because it is new we wanted to take a moment to explain it to everyone so they know what it is when they see it. It has some cool features that might also be helpful or fun on their own. Visit our Facebook page here, if you haven’t.


Finding Top Fans

The Booshaka app can be found in the left sidebar next to our other apps. The app will display our top Facebook fans using a point system that has a secret sauce way of establishing  “points” based on the number of posts, comments and likes on a page. It presents a leader board that looks like this:



Reading Comments

Above was our best fans September list as of last night – and a special thanks to our wonderful top Facebook crew, we value your sharing and enthusiasm so much! You make our page. If you look at the red arrow above, you can see the “stats” of any one user, which will show a page of all their posts, comments and likes.

What is very cool about this is that you yourself can locate any your comments on our page that you might have a hard time finding when the stream moves too fast. If there is a conversation you’d like to return to you can look at all the things you have said on our Facebook page in one place. What also seems pretty nice is that if there is someone on our page that enjoy reading, you can come over to Top Fans and maybe read all their thoughts in one place. Every one of our Tonnerites loves Tonner and shares their passion in a different way. With this app you can sign in for yourself – even if you aren’t in the top contributors – and track your sharing.

For us at Tonner it is really about being able to recognize all the people that give so much to our page. It is very good to be able to see all our best Tonner family fans in one place, and we are hoping that you too as well love it. Each of your comments or shares is valued.




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