Tonner Website to be Launched January 3rd – Tonner Update

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Tonner Blog Launch

Hey all. The Tonner blog has been a little quiet this week so just wanted to catch you up. Because we have to transfer all our blog posts over to the new website which is nearly ready, and this is a something of a process, we have allowed the blog to lay quiet for the week getting things in order on the other end. After running through our final tests we have a firm launch date, the year is going to start off with a spectacular bang as January 3rd we’ll be live! Remember, the one stop address will be Watch for how to easily create a new password on the new site in our emails the next two weeks. If you haven’t signed up to get emails from us which include breaking product release news, you can do so here.

A New Way of Sharing Photos, Too

For those who have been part of Tonner Doll on Twitter #dollchat you probably got a chance to participate in some private beta testing of an additional photo-sharing site we are going to launch in coordination with our new website. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled, we are pretty excited about Tonner “Doll Duels” too. Great Tonner stuff coming your way.


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