Tonner Doll’s new Social Media – Growing the Tonner Family

Good Things on the Horizon

Our most devoted fans have noticed that there has been a change at Tonner Doll. It started with our much loved Facebook page where more and more fans and collectors have come to talk and share all things Tonner, something that has become a lively community. The natural feeling that developed there seemed like something that Tonner Doll should really try to grow, as it seems that the entire world is becoming more connected through social media.

A few months ago I came on as a Director of Social Media because Tonner Doll wanted to see what we could do, so I’d like to introduce myself to you finally as often I’ve been working a bit behind the scenes, and let you know what directions we are heading into. Regular readers have been reading my blog posts, and our Twitter followers have been getting to know me. Our collectors who we’ve been highlighting in our blogs have been emailing with me back and forth – at our email It has been a joy to be getting to know you, individually and to be blogging.

My name is Kevin von Duuglas-Ittu. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, but have been living on the East Cost for at least the last 15 years. I’ve lived in both New York City – which I love – but also for the last few years up near peaceful Bear Mountain State Park about an hour North of nyc. I have a strong background in Philosophy,  Ethics and SE marketing but really in my heart I am an artist and poet, and a love and support artists. My wife Sylvie happens to be a Muay Thai amateur fighter so for all you collectors of female super hero figures out there I almost feel like I’m married to one! I have an Australian Cattle Dog that I absolutely love, named Zoa. And a crazy cat named Rama (means King in Thai).

Personally I’ve made Social Media a life passion, and my hope is to bring that passion to not only the spectacular company of Tonner Doll which you and I both know and love, but also hopefully to some of you the amazing fans.  What is wonderful about Social Media is how it connects us, and once we are connected we are capable of things we never were before because of the people we meet. It changes us when we come in contact with sincere and enthused people. The Tonner social media project is about all each of us finding more meaning and freedom, especially as creative people. Artistic and passionate people connect to others through their art, and that is in many ways what Social Media is made for.

I’ve loved getting to know so many of you so far. I look forward to meeting more of you.

Our Blog, Facebook and so much more

So to talk about some of our plans. The blog has just gotten started, but if you’ve been reading you’ve already seen it grow. We would like the blog to even become more active. We’d like it to be a place where we can:

  • Highlight our talented collectors and make our International and local audience aware of each other’s work
  • Have our fans guest post doll and figure reviews, and share their unique perspective and expertise
  • Put our readers in touch with what else is going on in the doll blog world by sharing posts and news we read
  • Bring out our own Tonner staff authors – for instance we started with Miss Nancy‘s Tuesday blog column

As you discover new collectors along with us – and some of the work, the styling, the photography is stunning – and we all get to know each other through shared blog posts and fan reviews the conversation between us will grow and we will influence each other. My basic philosophy is that when two people touch, both are transformed. So as we at Tonner Doll step out into the Social Media world further and further, we hope to bring change to all our lives.

So we began with Facebook. Our Facebook users already know that it to be one of the warmest online communities to be found. It powered by our incomparable Community Manager Joanne Canapini – those who have been there know that she makes it like no other Facebook page on the internet. We are expanding this community into the depth of our blog reports and conversation. What we love to share in brief on Facebook we want to give substance to in our blog. Look for even more of Joanne’s blog posts too.

And  then there is Twitter. Twitter sometimes can bring a bad first impression, but I urge you to give it a little bit of a second chance if you have already tried. It actually is my favorite Social Media medium. It gives a sense of immediate connection and excitement that no other platform does, for some reason, and I can’t quite explain it, it feels like everyone is in the same room just having a talk. Our #dollchat on Tuesday nights is growing and is very informal, but honestly a few of us just connect up out of nowhere and talk Tonner, especially after dark when our Facebook page gets more quite. You can find us on Twitter here @tonnerdoll – both Joanne and myself are behind the tweets. You can often distinguish who is it is by a ^kv or a ^jo at the end, but if not you can always ask.

There are a lot more exciting things on our horizon. Not only is the spectacular new website coming, Doll Duels is coming (!) watch for it in the next weeks.

But It Is About You

The most important part of this equation though is YOU. This is not just a slogan, it is in the very nature of how Social Media works. It also is a major part of how I view the world.  The above picture is of someone I would consider my friend now, Darla (@doll_minded). If you remember it was not long ago that we met, and then not long after that she got her first Tonner doll. Even since she has shone her light with all of us on Twitter and Facebook. This is what social media is, it is people. Every time someone is able to share something with others, every time someone learns how to do something they did not know before, everyone in the family is bettered for it.

For this reason, if you need any help learning how to do something like:

  • I want to use Twitter
  • How do I  start a blog?
  • I want to make a video review for you to have on the Tonner YouTube page

…or any other “how to” Social Media question, I’d be glad to walk you through the steps, just email me at or find me on Twitter. Starting a blog is very simple (takes less than 5 minutes), and using something like Tweetdeck for Twitter can make all the difference in the world for your experience.

I feel that if anyone is left out we all can do better. In fact, if you can help others – on our Facebook page, on Twitter or elsewhere – find their way around, it all makes it so much better.

The (New) Tonner Doll Company

The New social media Tonner Doll Company is just like the old one. We have always been defined by our relationship to our collectors, getting to know them personally at our spectacular conventions, putting the emphasis on how Imagination and Play is something that frees us. But now as Social Media has embraced the whole world the conversations we’ve been having in convention and in doll forum are being had in Facebook communities, on blogs, through YouTube video on Twitter chats. The entire Tonner world is expanding. So look for more from us as well all step forward into the future. And if any of you have ideas for what we could do better, please do send them my way.

You can follow me on Twitter under my handle @mediasres and on Google Plus where I spend a good amount of time. I tweet mostly about Social Media news and technique with other Social Media types. Or of course you can reach me at the email listed earlier above.

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