Tonner Convention Photo Recap Part 2 – Day 1 – Facebook and Twitter – #tonnercon

Be sure to read up on all the details of the Day 1 Convention Dolls and Events here in Joanne’s great coverage.

Below is a recap of photos and video from the latter part of the day from Facebook, YouTube and Twitter

Welcome Aboard Event

from YouTube: video of the Centerpiece – Joanne Reporting


from our Facebook page (photos by Joanne) and the Wilde Imagination page more photos can be seen here

Robert Tonner and Jack Kralik - Welcome Aboard
Captain Jack Kralik - Welcome Aboard Tonner Convention 2012
Joe Helping Michelle pin her Hat


Miss Nancy - Welcome Aboard! (photo by Michelle)
Shelly Tonner air Stewardess - Tonner Convention


Kay Tonner - Stewardess


Captain Paul - Welcome Aboard


Three Welcome Aboard Dolls - Tonner Convention

Tonner Flight Crew - Welcome Aboard - Tonner Convention 2012

Robert Tonner Draws for the Raffle - a free Con registration
Winner Dayle Davis with Miss Nancy


Robert Tonner - Welcome Aboard


Tweeted by Sheilah

“The centerpiece from the Welcome Aboard event at @Tonnerdoll #tonnercon

Tweeted by Jessica

#tonnercon first centerpiece!”

#tonnercon Judy!

Welcome Aboard - Judy


Opening of the Tonner and Wilde Imagination Salesroom – Robert Cuts the Ribbon

from youtube

Salesroom excitment

And below Sheilah shows off her new salesroom purchase of a gown for her Companion doll Cythna, “Angel’s Deception”, tweeted

“@Tonnerdoll #tonnercon She looks so angelic! This is so perfect for Saturday dinner and for her! Sales room purchase! ”

“@Tonnerdoll #tonnercon Yes, it was with the Carol Barrie dolls, but is just right for Cythna. The Angel’s Deception it’s called.”

She also picked up a Wilde Imagination Imperium Park Phin who she will turn into Medieval royalty  tweeting this photo:

“@Ianthe_Shelley: Another @Tonnerdoll #tonnercon sales room purchase: Basic Phin! Now Audrea will have the man of her dreams! He’s perfect for her. ☺”

“@Tonnerdoll #tonnercon Here’s Basic Phin from WI. He’s gonna be a great medieval beau for Audrea.”

Remember, you can follow all our Convention happenings on our Facebook Page, with additional coverage from attendees on the #tonnercon Twitter hashtag and from Michelle on the Wilde Imagination Facebook Page too.

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