Tonner Convention 2012 Photo Recap – Day 3 – Wonder Woman, Robert Seminar & Banquet, PJ Party – Part 2

Below is a recap of photos and videos taken in the second part of Day 3 of our Flights of Fancy Convention as posted on our Facebook page by Joanne,  the Wilde Imagination Facebook page, our YouTube page and on Twitter by attendees.

Be sure to read Joanne’s detailed blog report here and here on these happenings of the day!

Wonder Woman Amazonia Event

Tweeted by Alison: “#tonnercon Wonder Woman centerpiece is 22″!

Tweeted by Alison: “#tonnercon she’s very lovely–$250 plus tax for 22″ wonder woman. Inset eyes.

Tweeted by Jessica: “#tonnercon Amazonia centerpiece. 22inch.

from our Facebook page (more photos by Joanne). above

Tweeted by Jessica: “#tonnercon 16 inch Amazonia Wonder woman. New Diana face sculpt


Tweeted by Alison: “#tonnercon freebie mug!

from our Facebook page (more photos by Joanne). (above)

from the Wilde Imagination Facebook page (below).

Robert’s Seminar on the History of Fashion Dolls

Tweeted by Sheilah: “Cythna has her ticket and a front row seat for @RobertTonner ‘s seminar at @Tonnerdoll #tonnercon !! ☺

Tweeted by Charlie

photo by Joanne (above)

via our YouTube page (below) :

“Flights of Fancy” Banquet and Angry Birds PJ Party

Tweeted by Alison: “#tonnercon waiting to go in go flights of fancy dinner!

The five centerpieces all tweeted by Jessica:

Tweeted by Alison: ” #tonnercon Toucan (Daphne) on Antoinette body, short raven hair, le100, centerpiece ”

Tweeted by Alison: “#tonnercon Toucan centerpiece Daphne – gorgeous!

Tweeted by Alison: “#tonnercon The Raven (precarious) OMG!

Tweeted by Alison: “#tonnercon the Peacock centerpiece (duchess) so lovely!

Tweeted by Alison: “#tonnercon TDF flamingo convention Cami

Tweeted by Alison: “#tonnercon she’s gorgeous!

from our YouTube:

And LOTS of Flights of Fancy Banquet photos by Joanne here

PJ Party

two famous Companion dolls meet - Martie and Cythna

Tweeted by Sheilah: “@Tonnerdoll #tonnercon PJ Party: @CharlieRiley819 ‘s Martie and my Cythna!!

The Wonderful Charlie and Martie


Click here to see all the great PJ Party photos by Joanne


Be sure to read Joanne’s feature post on all these great times!

here and here










3 responses to “Tonner Convention 2012 Photo Recap – Day 3 – Wonder Woman, Robert Seminar & Banquet, PJ Party – Part 2

  1. Thanks for reposting my photos–and what a blast these events were. It was so fantastic to put names to faces–and the dolls–OMG–just to die for! I had such a great time!

    I really loved the History of Fashion Dolls presentation, and my friend Carolyn and I were honored to meet Mr. Tonner in person–Michelle took time out of her crazy schedule to introduce us. Thanks so much for all you do! I’ll be back next year!

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