Tonner Convention 2012 Photo Recap Day 2 – Wilde, Marilyn and Workshop – Part 2

Below is a recap of photos and videos taken in the latter part of Day 2 of our Flights of Fancy Convention as posted on our Facebook page by Joanne,  the Wilde Imagination Facebook page, our YouTube page and on Twitter by attendees.

Be sure to read Joanne’s fantastic feature articles on day 2 events!: #TonnerCon – Friday Funday: “A Wilde Flight” – Tonner Convention and #TonnerCon Continues…”Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” – Tonner’s FIRST Marilyn sculpt! – Tonner Convention

Wilde Brunch Lizette (centerpiece)


Tweeted by Jessica : “#tonnercon Wilde brunch centerpiece Lizette.

Tweeted by Alison: “Lizette centerpiece #tonnercon

Tweeted by Alison : “Inset eye Lizette #tonnercon

From Wilde Imagination Facebook (below)


Tweeted by Alison: “#tonnercon Wilde Imagination brunch bling!

from the Wilde Imagination Facebook page

The Doll (Hunger) Games

Tweeted by Alison: “#tonnercon the doll games are about to begin – the staff is suiting up!

from the Wilde Imagination Page

Wilde Imagination So it was an Ellowyne Hunger Games kinda interactive storyline, so Robert told this crazy story and well, there were squirtguns, and then pom poms and all kinds of stuff to clap, bang and whistle about…@Veronica, pretty crazy fun… (above)

Tweeted by Alison: “#tonnercon accessories

The Wilde Imagination Event

from the Wilde Imagination Facebook page


Dark Angel, Flights of Fancy & Time Flies

For details on these three beautiful Wilde Imagination dolls do read Joanne’s wonderful summary

Tweeted by Alison: “#tonnercon Ellowyne Wilde Flight of Fancy


Tweeted by Alison: “#tonnercon Dark Angel Evangeline from Wilde Imagination brunch

Tweeted by Jessica: “#tonnercon dark angel Evangeline, seated.

Tweeted by Jessica: “#tonnercon flights of fancy Ellowyne. Amazing!

Tweeted by Jessica: : “#tonnercon Flights of fancy Ellowyne wing detail.

Tweeted by Jessica:#tonnercon Time Flies Lizette. She was the centerpiece.

See our Facebook photo album of the event for even more pics!

Miss Melanie: Hair Workshop

from our Facebook page (photos by Joanne)

from our YouTube page – Joanne reporting

for more on the workshop read Joanne’s feature blog post on the day. and for more photos check out Joanne’s pics in our Facebook photo album.

Marilyn “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” Event

Marilyn Monroe Historian Scott Fortner speaking

Marilyn Monroe Impersonator Singing to set the Mood:

from the Wilde Imagination Facebook page

Jack, Robert, Joe and Eric: four Gentlemen


Marilyn with Miss Nancy and Lorri


Tweeted by Jessica: “#tonnercon Marilyn event. Gorgeous. American model size. 22 inch

Tweeted by Alison:#tonnercon her jewelry is fabulous! Marilyn Monroe 22″

Tweeted by Jessica:#tonnercon Marilyn. Close up of face sculpt.

And from our Facebook page, the 16 inch souvenir doll – Marilyn Monroe – Animal Magnetism:


For all the details make sure you read Joanne’s feature post on these special Tonner creations.





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