Tonner Blog is Up! What You May have Missed

The Tonner blog experienced a bit more than a hiccup over the weekend, a technical snafu that we are happy to have permanently fixed, and is back online bringing you Tonner news and guest posts from around the doll world.


A little update on what you may have missed in the last few days…

Meet the French Tonner Collector Marie

Cecile Favotti who is a leading figure in French doll collecting wrote an excellent introduction to Marie:

Fashion is a process of constant renewal. It’s through a rebirth that Marie, a French collector, discovered the Tonner company….Fond of the Brenda doll designed by Sandra Bilotto, Marie naturally fell in love with the new Brenda designed by Robert Tonner when Tonner Doll bought the Effanbee company. Her first purchase was “Garden Party Confidential“, the green tailored ensemble was an ode to couture and Hollywood classical myth….read the rest of Cecile’s post here

Wonder Woman Amazonia guest post by Jason Wright

Jason continued his fantastically detailed and inspired Tonner Wonder Woman guest post series with (perhaps) a final installment, the thirteenth. Go with Jason as he takes a close look at both the 16″ and 22″ “Amazonia” Wonder Women from Convention from our DC Stars Collection.

We knew from Tonner’s description of the event that the Amazonia version of Wonder Woman would be the souvenir doll. (More on her shortly). What we didn’t know about was the centerpiece. And boy, what a surprise! Another Amazonia Wonder Woman, but this one is 22″ in size! It came as a total surprise to me since one of the presentations described for their event was a retrospective of superheroine outfits through the years. This created a lot of pre-convention speculation for anything including another version of WW or new DC character to make their debut. The big reveal was a total shock to say the least!read the rest of Jason’s post here.

Robert Shares His Excitement Over Coming Marilyn This Fall

 the Robert post here

Dr. Noreen and the Dummy

Dr. Noreen the Doll Doctor tells of her one-on-one battle with a dummy who had to be put back together. This is a new column for us and we are excited to have Dr. Noreen sharing her expertise and passion for the dolls she heals.

I wired that jaw on at least 10 different ways, and each time I thought I had it correct–he spit his jaw out across the room. I was beginning to think he was possessed! I am the type that once I start something–have to finish it, so in tears…I asked our shipper for help. Once again this jaw dropping dummy refused to speak. After several tries our shipper gave up and went home. That’s when I thought I was beaten. It was so late and this dummy had me so upset..I figured it was him or me! the rest of Noreen’s story here.



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