The Winners of our Pinterest Scavenger Hunt Announced


Pinterest Scavenger Hunt - Tonner Doll Company


The tallies from the Tonner Staff are in, and the drawing was done. We have two winners for our latest Pinterest contest where two dolls could be won! It was a spectacular contest, and we want to thank you for the enthusiasm you expressed in your email entries. So many of you said you had fun hunting around for all the dolls on our site. Hopefully we’ve opened the door for more exciting Pinterest contests to come.

Our contest had two portions. An optional phase involved writing your best description of any of the dolls you pinned, the best entry to be judged by our intrepid Tonner staff. First one person narrowed down all the written entries to the best of the best and put them together, you can see the list of our top entries here. Check it out, there were some good ones! Then our staff came together and picked the one that really struck a chord. This way the entries were judged more or less blind, not knowing the author.

The winner was Stephen Llano who wrote of his Miss Piggy Pin from our archives:

Miss Piggy Takes Manhattan

#tonnerscavengerhunt – OMG! Here I am in the Big Apple! Which reminds me that I’m hungry. And as much as I love the green guy I am sorely tempted by the plethora of male pulchritude. I know they’re all staring at moi. How could they not? Get behind me, Satan–and don’t push! Oh, is that Brad over there? Yoo-hoo, Brad . . . !

It showed creativity and just made us laugh, and it really showed he knew Miss Piggy well. Stephen won our web-exclusive Marilyn Tropical, a fantastic doll. If you were hoping to win her and haven’t, she is still available.

Marilyn Tropical - Tonner Doll Web Exclusive
click to see her!


The main part of the contest was a random drawing. Those that had entered the contest got an additional entry in the contest, and Stephen for winning the written contest got 4 extra entries total. The winner was Cheryl Rich!

Luck Cheryl won our Cami Summer Swing who is also available now.

Cami Summer Swing - Tonner Doll Pinterest contest
click to see her!


All in all it was a lot of great fun and we are looking forward to doing more creative things with Pinterest in the near future. If you have any ideas of what would be fun to do on Pinterest – thoughts about contests that would help our fans express themselves and be creative on Pinterest through their boards or pinning – we’d love to hear your ideas. Just email Kevin at and you might be the one who helps inspire the next contest.

From one of our winners:  “Oh Wow, I’m absolutely thrilled! I’ve drooled over this Cami ever since she was introduced. Oh you’ve made my day in a major way, I haven’t had a new doll *fix* for months and with all thats going on in my life right now it couldn’t come at a better time to lift my spirits. I sew for them as a means of therapy as I am disabled fairly young with severe cronic pain and other medical issues.  Sinking myself in sewing for my dolls helps me escape the pain for awhile and avoid having to do so using heavy duty narcotic pain meds. Hate taking those as they make me all muzzy headed. Not a good thing to be when I’m also caregiver to my mom and need to be on my toes to see to her needs and make snap decisions if she has a medical emergency. I have four of Mr. Tonner’s dolls on my wishlist and hope to eventually add them to my collection….Patsy, Izzy from the Amelia Thimble line, Evangeline Ghastly, and her adorable lil kitty friend Valentine. Also my birthday is a week from today so she’ll be a sweet treat to look forward to and enjoy for years to come. Thank you so much!”    Cheryl Rich




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