The Marwencol Donations Are Going Strong – We’ve Decided to Extend the Date


We’ve gotten great responses to our Mark Hogancamp “Marwencol” donation drive so much so we’ve decided to extend the deadline because several people have expressed the desire to donate but haven’t had the time to get the care-package together or the packages are still on their way in the mail. Even our wonderful Dr. Noreen of the Tonner Store is enthused about getting together a personal package of donated materials and dolls in the 1/6 scale.

If you don’t know what Marwencol is yet here is our blog post on the film, a must see for doll collectors: Marwencol: A Film of Depth on Art, Doll Collecting, Photography and Dream

The deadline for received donations is now May 15th. So that means you have a few more weeks to get your imagination working and think of the kinds of things that would be great in the doll town of Marwencol.

from Shannon Craven


from Shannon Craven


Above are some shots of some of the material thoughtful and creative people donated. Terri Gold of the blog Collecting Fashion Dolls has been organizing all the donations which have been sent to her.

c/o Terri Gold
1748 Glasco Turnpike
Woodstock, NY 12498

Don’t know what to donate? There is a suggested list of materials, dolls and tools on our donation post.

5 responses to “The Marwencol Donations Are Going Strong – We’ve Decided to Extend the Date

  1. I’m glad Shannon posted pictures as I didn’t want to unwrap all of the wonderful weaponry that she packaged so beautifully. The doll looks gorgeous in her photo!!! Mark is going to love it, I’m sure, as he will love the rest of the donations.
    When we returned home late on Saturday, a box from Charlie Riley was waiting on the deck. It contained a fabulous dressed military aviator, many artist/craftsman tools and two delightful animals. I will photograph those items later this week.
    Amazing stuff, everyone. I’m so impressed with the quality and variety of donations. Mark is going to have a wonderful time with these gifts. I would love to see the presentation to him filmed.

  2. I am also letting some of our locals know that they can drop off any donations for this wonderful cause…right here at the Tonner Company Store 14 Hurley Ave. Kingston, NY.
    We are here Wednesday through Saturday from 10 to 6 and would love to have you stop in!
    I am getting my box ready!!

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