If You Want to Talk Dolls Join Us for #dollchat on Twitter


The First Doll Chat on Twitter: 9 pm EST, tonight

A few of our best Tonner doll fans on Twitter have gotten together to discuss dolls off and on, so we all thought it might be a nice thing if there was a time to do so. That way others could join in. Darla @doll_minded, Sheilah @Ianthe_Shelley and Charlie @CharlieRiley819 and our very own Miss Nancy @dollaholic started the #dollchat, the very first one on tonight. They should all be there at some point (we are going to see if we can get Robert to join us in the future!). It is a very informal group just starting up. It is not moderated, just doll-talk for whatever is on your mind, Tonner Doll or otherwise. Just be a few of us in the beginning, but it is sure to grow.

If you never have used Twitter you can follow the conversation with your computer here on Tweetchat: http://tweetchat.com/room/dollchat ; and you can participate just by signing up for Twitter which is very simple  (see below). If you are on Twitter already, the Tweetchat link is a good way to follow and participate in a chat.

1. If you want your comment to be part of the chat just included #dollchat at the end of any tweet you tweet. The nice thing about Tweetchat is that the “#dollchat” is automatically included for you. 🙂

For those unsure in any way – and we know that Twitter can be a little bit strange – feel free to tweet us at @Tonnerdoll and we’ll make sure you get on, or send Kevin an email at tonnersocialmedia.com.

For those of you starting on Twitter below is a good basic video on how to get on:


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