Sneak Attack Discount: Coming atcha TWICE per week!

Money DOES grow on trees when you're part of the Tonner Facebook Family!

Well, friends, we have been simply racking our brains for a way to honor our Facebook fans, and to share with you all how much we value the community we have built together!  You see, our Facebook community is so special to us, and it really has become a family.  And so, we want to show our appreciation!

So, in appreciation of your everlasting loyalty and EPIC participation and engagement, we have devised the Sneak Attack Discount.  The Sneak Attack Discount is a Tonner Direct coupon code for anywhere from 30-50% off, and it will be revealed only on Facebook… randomly, twice per week!  How cool is that?!?

There’s a catch:   the Sneak Attack Discount coupon code can only be used once, which makes it kind of a really fun, exciting race to the checkout line!  Also, the purchase is going to be limited to not exceed $500.

Now, remember:  everything that we post to Facebook is, by default, posted to Twitter too, so those of you who follow us on Twitter also have a chance to participate.

So, let the games begin…. and begin!  And begin!! Because remember:  this is happening TWICE PER WEEK (except this week)!!… but NEVER at the same time, it will be totally random, so you just have to STAY TUNED and keep your eyes peeled!   So your chances of winning are pretty huge, and plus it’s a fun game!

And also:  THANK YOU loyal Facebook fans!  You serve as a constant source of inspiration for me every day!

All the best, friends, and may the force be with you!

With Great Appreciation,

Joanne Canapini

Community Manager/Social Media

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