Pinterest Boards for Doll Duels – Find Great Doll Photos and More

Pinterest is Interesting

We’ve been fascinated like so many people have with the Social sharing site Pinterest. If you haven’t heard about it it is a great way to surf and browse the web and collect photos of every kind – called pinning – in your own little folders called Boards, which others can follow and collect from as well. It seemed that if there was ever a site that was made for Pinterest it might be our Tonner Doll Duels photo sharing collectors site where some of the best doll photos in the world are finding expression.

Great Outdoor Pics Board
mise en scène Board

So a few days ago we started our own Doll Duels Pinterest account and I have to say it has been great interacting with the Doll Duels submissions in new ways. On our Pinterest account for instance we can break some of the best photos into categories that just are not available on Doll Duels itself. For instance we can have composition photos like Great Outdoor pics that use natural light, or mise en scène photos that capture dolls in a moment of drama or situation. We can show Bridal Pics or Dolls in Period Costume or pics of Handsome Men or even Lara Croft photos.

Bridal Dolls Board
Dolls in Period Costume Board
Pics of Handsome Men Board
The Lara Croft Board

Finding Community

But it is more than just finding pics of Tonner dolls you might like. Pinterest is a social network too. There are people who have pinned photos you might love and sharing photos, re-pinning photos from their boards, is very different than chatting on Facebook or Twitter. It is more like window shopping and finding others who love window shopping. Find someone who has a great doll board and you’ll always be updated on new photos they have found and pinned. You can leave comments or just “like” photos. It is all a lot of fun. For instance someone you might want to follow straight off is our very own Miss Nancy who also writes the fantastic Tonner blog column Confessions of a Dollaholic. She of course as executive assistant to Robert is all about dolls, but she has a great Purple board because she loves all things purple, in fact she has TWO purple boards, the other one here.

Our Doll Duels boards will not only be full of Doll Duels photos – though they will be primarily Doll Duels photos. If we find great pins by others, or find cool doll pics on the web that fit in our Boards we’ll add them. And we’ll be adding photos from our website as well. In fact we’d love to hear from you what boards would be great to keep. Take a look at our boards and feel free to recommend boards to us that would be nice for others to follow, new ways of collecting and thinking about dolls. Just email me Kevin at Always open to suggestion.

Follow New Doll Duels Pins on Twitter

Twitter for Doll Duels Pinterest

One more bit of fun for everyone. If you have a Twitter account and would love to follow the new pins from Doll Duels Pinterest we will be tweeting them out under the new Doll Duels Twitter account: @dollduels. Pinterest makes it very easy to tweet out any pin you do so we’ll be tweeting out new pins as they go. In particular when we clear new submissions daily we’ll be adding some of them to Pinterest. Following @dollduels on Twitter is a way to be up-to-date on some of the newest submissions. You can of course tweet Doll Duels there if you have question or a suggestion, or if you’d like to talk about a submission you like.

So look forward to seeing you over at Doll Duels and Pinterest. Give us an email if you have any questions on how to get onto Pinterest.





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