Peggy Harcourt is our 2,700th Doll Duels Upload

2,700 Doll Duels Uploads!

Beauette yesterday uploaded our 2,700th Doll Duels photo and it feels like something of a milestone. This Peggy Harcourt – Peggy is part of our DeeAnna Denton line – has something so classic about her in a vintage dress, and it is great to have her be a part of our continuing Doll Duels progress. Beauette’s first upload also marks our 375th uploader to the Duels as well. The site has been steadily growing since we launched it just before New Years this year, now with over 2,000,000 votes – amazing.

The great news is that we don’t rest on a good thing. We’ve been working hard on a new version of Doll Duels which will be easier to browse, find great collectors and comment on photos. The site is still under design so if you would like to share any thoughts or suggestions please do. It is soon to be improved, but a suggestion from you might help us add a feature that would make it even better.

Send any suggestions to me, Kevin, at and I’ll see if we can incorporate them. And keep your eyes peeled for the new Doll Duels 2.0 in coming months.

What Is Doll Duels?

If you are one of the few Tonner fans that hasn’t discovered Doll Duels it is a place where Tonner collectors and artists post their best photos and each submission “duels” others just like this:

So come on by and duel away on the main page, or browse the categories and discover what others are doing with Cami & Jon or Antoinette or Harry Potter.

Also, one of the nice things about Doll Duels is that you can discover other great blogs and websites. For instance be sure to visit Beautte’s site where there is lots of amazing Peggy…also take a look at Beau-ette’s Flicker stream




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