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Top Five Tonner Wizard of Oz Doll Photos

 The Wizard of Oz – Tonner Doll Duels

A bit ago on Tonner Doll Duels we created a separate category for doll photos of Robert’s Re-Imagination Wizard of Oz creations, as well as his Wizard of Oz dolls. This way they would not be spread out in multiple categories. Everything people have done with dolls inspired by Wizard of Oz from Robert is now here in Wizard of Oz.

Help From You

We got a great email from a collector that let us know that we had missed a good number of photos when we began recategorizing, so we are happy to announce that with Dave’s help we are now have all our Wizard of Oz doll pics in one place, and what a collection it is. If you go to the category page you can see the Top 5 dolls by dueling percentage at the top, and then all the others in the category.

Of course if any of you notice that a photo should be better categorized elsewise please do email us at tonnersocialmedia@gmail.com, and if you want to throw in suggestions for how the site could be better we’d love to hear it as we are working hard on great new concepts and features for the site.



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