Our New Tonner 2015 Mainline Pinterest Contest – Pin to Win

Very excited to announce our new Pinterest contest. This time we are keeping it quite simple so it just takes a few minutes to enter. All you have to do to quality for our random drawing is pin your 8 favorite 2015 Tonner Mainline dolls or figures (or more!) to any Pinterest board you have or would like to create. Then send in the url of the Pinterest board to us and you will be entered, see details immediately below. The contest runs from May 7th (noon, EST) to May 19th (noon, EST), 2015.

Tonner Mainline Release 2015
click to go to our 2015 Mainline Release


click to visit our 2015 Mainline Release Pinterest Board
click to visit our 2015 Mainline Release Pinterest Board


How to Enter

1. Pin your 8 favorite 2015 Mainline Tonners, or more. You can pin off our our website 2015 Mainline Releases. or repin from our 2015 Mainline board on Pinterest, whichever you like.

2. Send in the URL of your Pinterest board – it can be an existing board or a newly created board. If you are on mobile you can send us the name of your Pinterest Account and the name of your board. Send your URL or board information to tonnersocialmedia@gmail.com with the Subject Heading “Pin To Win – Tonner 2015″ – You’ll have an email confirmation that your entry has been received.

That’s it. Through pinning show us the 2015s you love. The drawing will be on May 19th and the winner announced on or around May 22. The winner of the random drawing will receive a Deja Vu Emma Jean McGown basic doll (below). You must be the age of majority in your state, and the contest is restricted to residents of the 50 United States.

click to view
click to view


But There is More!

The random drawing entry is plain and simple, just taking a few minutes, but if you’d like to be eligible to win a Deja Vu outfit as well, get creative. Each and every pin has a description box and each box represents an additional chance to win. Enter in your thoughts on the doll or figure when you pin it to your board, be it a pre-review or how the doll or figure inspires you personally. The Tonner staff will select their favorite pin description and the winner will receive a Deja Vu Thoroughly Modern outfit!

click to view
click to view


So it’s a little bit random, and a little bit self-expression, and the chance to win both a basic Deju Vu and and Deja Vu outfit. If you have any questions about how to enter, or even how Pinterest works feel free to contact Kevin at tonnersocialmedia@gmail.com and he’ll be glad to help.

The contest runs from May 7th 12 noon (EST) to May 19th 12 noon (EST), winner will be announced on or around May 22nd. The contest rules and details can be seen here.

PINTEREST CONTEST UPDATE:  Thank you to all who entered our Pinterest contest. Here are the winners! Winner for the best descriptions with her pins is Maria A. from San Diego, CA – she wins a Thoroughly Modern Déjà Vu Outfit. The random drawing winner is Jane G. fromEureka, CA – she wins a Déjà Vu Emma Jean McGowen Basic doll. If you’re not on Pinterest already, check it out. Great place for information on all the new dolls and events, and lots of archive info too!

4 responses to “Our New Tonner 2015 Mainline Pinterest Contest – Pin to Win

  1. What a wonderful contest – your web site is so exciting and fun. I could spend hours going from page to page.

    Perhaps one day you will have a contest that includes Canada? We would really like to be included, even if we have to pay shipping. Most contests that include Canada exclude the province of Quebec. I know that in Canada we have to answer a skill-testing question, but it can be as easy as 2 + 2 = 4. Or “what is better than having 1 Tonner doll?” answer: having 2 or more!!

    Many thanks – off to discover new wonders on your site!

  2. Disappointed to find out I couldn’t enter from Australia. We use Pinterest too and buy your dolls.

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