Marvel’s® Rogue™ Available for Pre-Order – Tonner Doll Company X-Men

The much anticipated Marvel’s® Rogue™ – you should have seen the enthused requests for her on our Facebook page in the last months! – is available for pre-order (pre-orders of her ship for free!). You can check out and join some of the first reaction to her release on our Facebook thread here.

Facebook Conversation her first pics

We don’t have shipping dates on her yet, but you can always conveniently check our shipping schedule here to see what is sold out, in and coming.

clck to pre-Order

Details: Dressed Tonner character figure™, Face includes hand-painted details, Fine quality vinyl and hard plastic, Emily head sculpt, 16” Heroic body, Dark green hand-painted eyes, Brown rooted saran hair with platinum streaks, Tyler skin tone, Green and yellow stretch jumpsuit, Brown faux leather jacket, Yellowy stretch gauntlets, Two brown belts with metal trim, Yellow faux leather boots with back zipper, Two pairs of hands (yellow and Tyler skin tone), Stand, LE 300

SHIPPING NOTICE – our licensing agreement allows us to ship this item to the following countries: United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, & U.S. Military Base

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One response to “Marvel’s® Rogue™ Available for Pre-Order – Tonner Doll Company X-Men

  1. Hi Robert: I am happy to see Rogue she is my favourite of the XMEN. I am more interested in Rogue because my hair was exactly the same colors and style in 1957 when I was in high school in Jersey City,NewJersey. Now you have to do a Storm she is my second best; As I type this it is so wonderful listening to your voice. I just got a laptop from my daughters and I am now listening to you about Barbie and Tyler how you became interested in sculpturing.
    . All I can say is YOU HAVE BEEN BLESSED-especially at an early age and your designs of all your clothing are EXQUISITE.. I just received my Wilde Imagination doll with 2 gorgeous wigs.Every doll I have received from you and your companies are a sculpture made from the heart of a person who loves every piece he has made along with the COUTURE CLOTHES and accessories. I look at my many Robert Tonner dolls and they put a smile on my face and my Granddaughter’s face.. Thank you for it all. Barbara

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