How to See More Posts from the Facebook Pages You Like

 More of the Posts You Want on Facebook

Several of our fans and collectors have expressed frustration that they are not seeing all our Facebook posts even though they are keen to do so. We have a very active Facebook page with lots of conversation and sharing, and a good deal of breaking Tonner Doll company news can be found there right when it happens. It is little known that many people are only seeing 10% to 20% of the posts of pages they have liked, so most of our interested fans are missing things they’d like to see. It is estimated that only 16% of our fans will see any particular post.

The good news is that there are a few simple steps that can be taken to increase the number of Tonner Doll Facebook posts you find in your News Feed, and even one that should show all of them. We put together a little video to show these improvements you can make to take more control over your News Feed (video above), but we’ll outline them here too. In short they are:

  1. Sort Your News Feed by Most Recent.
  2. Teach Facebook the kind of Posts you Like.
  3. Add to and View Pages through Interest Lists.
  4. Pages Feed.

We’ve updated the post to include 4. the new (11/15/2012) Pages Feed


Step One: Sort


 Sorting Your Feed

By default Facebook sets your News Feed to the Top Stories setting. They fear that your News Feed may become too cluttered with Friends and Pages if they showed you everything and you would stop using it, so they select only posts that have a lot of popularity or importance cues believing this is what you want. The quick way around this is choosing Recent Posts so that all the posts appear in chronological order. This not only changes the order of appearance, it also tells Facebook to included a lot more posts from Friends and Pages. Importantly though, while this will increase the number of posts from – let’s say – Tonner Doll that you can see, it does not guarantee that all our posts will appear. Because Facebook is still making decisions about what is important a Breaking News post from us – about a sale, a promo code or doll release – might not make it to your News Feed until it has gotten the requisite number of likes and comments. This brings us to the second thing you can do.

Step Two: Teach

Facebook uses an algorithm called EdgeRank to determine what the importance of any particular post – from a Friend or a Page – might have to you. It is interested in finding out what you like and, generally, giving you more of it. There has been a lot of talk lately about how Facebook has cut down on the amount of posts that naturally would get through to followers of a Page because they are trying to get companies to pay for connections that fans assumed they would automatically have when they first Liked a page, there is some debate about this still. People aren’t so happy about this, it would be like getting only 25% of your emails some say. But Facebook did leave ways for fans to influence their own News Feed an increase their connections to Pages they love.

Facebook changed there algorithm so that “Basically if you never click, Like, comment, or share posts by a Page, Facebook made that Page less likely to show up in your feed.” What you have to do is teach the Facebook’s new algorithm what you like, the kinds of things that you want more of. The basic way of doing this is simply interacting with the content of a page you love. Each interaction is a small vote to Facebook “Hey, I like this! I want to see more of this.” If you are like me and generally like to read quietly in the background unfortunately Facebook will just assume that you are not really interested in that content. It will take a little changing of behavior if you want to take more control of your New Feed. The kinds of interactions that for instance signal interest in our Tonner Doll page are things like:

  • Going to the page itself – and not just looking at posts in your feed
  • Clicking on any post
  • Liking any post
  • Commenting any post
  • Sharing any post

Not all of these are weighted equally. Not only is a Comment a stronger cue than a Like, a Share is stronger than a comment. Shares are the strongest votes for interest on Facebook for pages because you have taken our photo or post and passed it onto your friends and followers. Sharing content is one the best ways to signal that you want more. You can see where to Share below.


Step Three: List

The last step you can take is to create an Interest List. An Interest List generates a mini News Feed for just those Pages that are under a specific topic. In the video (above) we create a Doll Pages Interest List showing you the whole process, but you can organize your pages however you like. It just takes a few steps starting with whatever Page you want to add to a list and hovering over the “Liked” icon:


Once you’ve clicked “Add to Interest Lists” you’ll be able to create an Interest List for that Page if you haven’t begun one already.You can then find your list when you go to your News Feed (Home). It will be there on the lower right hand corner (image below). When you click on its title you see the List itself.


These lists act like Twitter Lists, and as of now Facebook claims all of the posts from Pages you put there will appear. Facebook is a little shifty and changes policy without warning so one is never exactly sure what the real or future result will be, but at the present time this is one of two official ways to be sure to see all our Tonner Doll Facebook posts. The other way of course is just to bookmark our page and visit us regularly. There is one more way to keep track of all our Facebook posts and that is to follow us on Twitter @tonnerdoll– each and every Facebook post is automatically tweeted, as is each of our blog posts and comments made on our blog as well, as well as some great #dollchat community. Twitter is a hidden way to stay on top of the Tonner Doll Social Media pulse.

click to follow us on Twitter


[Update November 17, 2012 – Facebook Introduces Page Feeds]

Step Four: Page Feed

Page Feeds are an additional way to find fan page posts of pages you have liked. Facebook introduced them on Nov 15th and they are being rolled out. This article describes how they function Facebook Rolls Out Dedicated News Feed for Pages. You still are not guaranteed to see all posts from a page, but it is suggested that you will see more than in your home News Feed. This is a dedicated Pages Feed. Below you can see where the tab is once you have clicked the “Home” tab:


We hope this helped clear up any confusion people are having. Remember: sort your News Feed, teach Facebook what you like by interacting with content, and if you would enjoy it, create Interest Lists. If you have any further questions about how Facebook works or how to get the most of it just email us at and I’d be glad to walk you through it, or you can just send us a message on Facebook. We’d love to hear feedback from you, and about more of what you’d like in your Facebook experience.


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