How to Join and Use Pinterest – Tonner Doll Fun and Discovery

At Tonner Doll we are pretty excited to have started on Pinterest, the fastest growing social network in the world. Not only is Pinterest filled with lots of wonderful, creative pinners out there for us to follow, it’s a way for us to get closer to our collectors and fans – seeing what they love and how they love it. Unlike a lot of other social networks Pinterest is all about images, not about words. You just collect and share things you like from around the web, pinning them into scrapbooks called “boards”. (You’ll notice that on this blog post all the images have a “pin it” button that appears on hover, so you can pin from the Tonner blog easily.)

We are planning to be having promotions on Pinterest during the next year, so hopefully through them will explore the platform with you. There may be chances to win Tonner dolls and/or figures outright or chances of creating Tonner Boards to creatively express yourself.  Already there are three great ways to follow Tonner Doll there:

1. the new Tonner Doll Company Pinterest account where pins of the latest dolls, dolls from our past and a host of doll related and Tonner news are found.

Tonner Doll Company Pinterest
click to visit our Tonner Doll Pinterest page


2. Doll Duels Pinterest which pins from our fantastic Tonner collector site, Doll Duels, where you can see what everyone is doing with the Tonners they have.

Tonner Doll Duels Pinterest
click to visit our Tonner Doll Duels Pinterest page


3. Tonner Doll Executive Assistant and our Tonner Dollaholic blogger Miss Nancy, who pins everything her heart desires, from things Purple to ZZ top, to of course, lots of Tonner Doll and doll collecting stuff.

Miss Nancy Pinterest Page
click to visit Miss Nancy’s PInterest page

Tonner Doll On Pinterest


 [above is a video version of the How To shown below]

How to Get Started

We’d love for you to get in on the Tonner Pinterest fun, especially the coming promotions, but first you have to get on Pinterest. It is easier than it may seem. Below are the step by step instructions to help you through, you’ll be pinning in less than 5 minutes!

1: Go to

You will see a simple screen with the choice to login, or to join. Click Join Pinterest.

How to Join and Us Pinterest - step 1



 2. Choose How You Want To Join

You can join in three simple ways. You can join through Facebook, Twitter or by email. The screen you see should look something like this:

How to Join and Use Pinterest - step 2


Joining through your Facebook or Twitter accounts has its advantages. For one you won’t have to remember your   password to Pinterest if you are logged into either account. There will just be a prompt to sign in via Facebook or Twitter. Also, when you want to find people or boards to follow on Pinterest they will let you know about friends and family on Facebook or Twitter who are on Pinterest that you might want to have in your Pinterest stream.

2a. Joining By Facebook

If you join by Facebook you’ll see this kind of sign up screen. Your Facebook profile photo will automatically be there, but you can easily change it by clicking “Upload a photo” and choosing one from your computer. If you feel shy about having your face on the profile, just pick one of your favorite dolls to represent you.

How to Join and Use Pinterest - step 3


You need to choose a unique user name. You can change the email that will deliver notifications to you (you will be sent an email confirmation), and you need to select a secure password. Also, you can check or uncheck the  two Facebook boxes depending on how social you want to be through Facebook.

2b. Joining Through Email

If you choose to join by email you will see a screen similar to this one.

How to Join Pinterest with email only


You should upload a photo for your account, even if it is just a favorite doll, and after you have filled out the simple fields above you will be on Pinterest!  Your name does not have to be accurate, though if it is others may recognize and follow your pins, gender can be marked unspecified as well. One of the nice things about Pinterest is that it can have a strong degree of personal anonymity, it is really all about the pins.

3. First 5 Boards

Once you Create Account you will be taken to a screen where you will be asked to choose 5 boards to follow right off. This is just Pinterest’s way of giving you content right away so you can “get” what is cool about Pinterest. Just select a category or more that looks interesting on the left and choose to follow 5.

How to Join and Use Pinterest - step 4


Don’t worry too much who you follow, you can unfollow any board or person with a click on Pinterest, and nobody can see that you have done so.

Once you have followed 5 the “Next” on the top right of the screen appears and you are ready to go!

1st Five Boards on Pinterest


4. Making your Pinterest Stream Great

The first thing you want to do is build up your Pinterest stream, filling it with content that you love to look at. Pinterest is like your own little magazine of interests and images, a place you go regularly to see stuff you love, to be inspired. If you follow the right people it can be a wonderful place each time you open it up, but if you don’t put much thought into it it can be a little boring. So right away add some content that you would like.

If you clink on the big “Pinterest” in the middle top of the screen you’ll be taken to your stream or wall. These are every pin of people or boards that you follow. If you follow a person every pin from every board will enter your stream. If you follow only boards, then only the pins from those boards will appear. You might love the dolls that someone pins on Pinterest, but not love what they pin for home improvement or travel, so you would only follow their doll boards. On the other hand, looking at someone’s boards might give you a sense of who they are beyond doll collecting, and you might find a lot of things in common. If you really appreciate someone or a company you would follow “them” (which would include all their boards).

Search for Boards You Love

So for instance, because you love Tonner Doll, type “Tonner Doll” into the search box in the upper left hand corner and click the little magnifying search icon. Then click the word “Boards” right below it. This will show you all  Pinterest boards that have “Tonner Doll” in the title, which means that they are boards that are exclusive of that content. Under each board you can click “follow” and any new pins to that board will end up in your stream – it will be easy to add (repin) them to your own boards which you can collect. It’s a bit like scrapbooking.

Filter by Boards - Pinterest Tonner Doll

If you follow several of these – and you can click on any of them to see the kinds of dolls and pictures in each of them – you’ll instantly have great Tonner content in your stream. But don’t stop there. Think to yourself what other interests you have. Are there breeds of dogs that you love? Are there places you’d like to travel? Is there subject matter you’d like to research? You would be surprised the wealth of knowledge and sharing that is done on Pinterest through sharing photos. Nearly all these photos are pinned from the web, so Pinterest search is a kind of beautiful way of searching through Google. If you building your stream right you’ll always find something interesting there when you open up Pinterest.

Follow Tonner Doll

You can find a company or a pinner by doing using the same search box and then simply filtering by ‘Pinners”. If you would like to follow us just type in “Tonner Doll Company” and “Pinners” and there we are. Click “Follow’ and all of our pins will in your stream.

How to Join and Use Pinterest - step 7


 Building Your Stream With Your Friends

If you’ve signed up with Facebook or Twitter – or connected your account to either after you have set it up through email in “Settings” you can find other people on Pinterest that you know. Just hover the mouse above the upper right hand corner and go to “Find Friends” on the drop down menu. You’ll be taken to all your Facebook friends that have Pinterest.

How to Join and Use Pinterest - step 8


This is a great way to see your family and friends in a different way. People think differently in pictures and often the wordless beauty of Pinterest in a kaleidoscope discovery of interests or tastes. It’s a great way to find and build commonalities.

5. Creating Your First Board, Starting to PIn

If you browse your never ending Pinterest stream or wall you’ll find that just hovering your mouse over a pin will produce two options, to “like” and to “pin”. When you “like” it just gives a little like notification to the pinner. But when you “pin” you move a copy of that image to a board of yours. Most pins, if you double click them, will take you to the original website they were pinned from (in other cases they are just photos the pinner has uploaded directly to pinterest). You can see the source of the pin at the very bottom of it, as you can see from this pin of our Bella Cullen 2013 Mainline faux leather jacket. If you double clicked this pin you would be taken straight to the Bella Cullen Product page.

Bella Cullen Pin - faux leather jacket
click to see this pin


If this was going to be your very first pin to your very first board all you would have to do is hover over the pin and click “Pin”. You would see a screen like this, which would show a thumbnail of the pin on the right, the original description, and your boards to choose from. Because it would be your first pin to your first board only “Create Board” would show. Just type in a descriptive title for the board, something like Tonner Dolls I Want, and then click “Pin” at the bottom right.

Re-Pinning - Tonner Doll - How to Pin


If you’d like to keep the original description you can. You can also edit it a bit, or erase it all and put your own thoughts on the doll there for your followers to read.

You now have your first pin and your first board. You can create secret boards that nobody can see – great for instance if you are working out Christmas gifts or surprises of any kind. Board making is a great way to keep your  passions and projects organized. Anytime you find something you like, put it in a board.

6. Browse by Category

Pinterest Categories - Browsing Pinterest

A lot of people find their greatest pleasure browsing not their wall feed, but rather by category. If you click the drop down menu in the upper left corner (arrow shown above) you will find a list of great categories that surely will inspire you. Clicking on any of these will take you to an endless stream of the best pins in Gift Ideas, Health and Beauty, DIY & Crafts, or pretty much anything you can think of. Because these are pins that have received a great deal of likes and comments you are seeing what the people have voted for. And this is a great way to find and follow great boards (those these pins are in) and pinners. Pulling great content into your wall feed is one of the most important steps to making Pinterest fun each and every time you go to it.

We’ll follow up with another post which will take about more Advanced tips on how to use Pinterest, including how to pin from websites by adding pin bookmarklets or extensions to your browser, or clever ideas on how to use Pinterest. We’ll be talking about the kinds of promotions, contests and co-creating that Tonner Doll will be doing with its fans.

If you have any difficulty setting up your Pinterest account or finding your way around it just drop us a line and we’ll be glad to walk you through it: or @tonnerdoll on Twitter.

Until then, happy Pinning!



9 responses to “How to Join and Use Pinterest – Tonner Doll Fun and Discovery

  1. I’ve been using Pinterest for my business since shortly after it debuted, and I’ve read countless articles on it. This is one of the best how-to-get-started I’ve ever seen. Kudos, Kevin… well written, concise, and very un-scary! I hear a lot of folks sat they’re intimidated by Pinterest, and I’ve never understood why. IMO, it’s the most addictive, fun social platform out there, and PERFECT for sharing vinyl addictions. I bet your followers are in the five figures soon 🙂

  2. I just joined Pinterest because I wanted to submit my pictures to a bulletin board or site called doll duels. There is a link from the Tonner Website to create a Pinterest account, however when ever I try to submit my pictures i just get a blank screen with an x in it and nothing more. Am I missing something or doing something wrong?

    Please advise if you can.

    Thank You,

    Alexander C. Efstathopoulos

    1. High Alexander. Glad to have you on Pinterest! In case it isn’t clear Pinterest and Doll Duels are separate things. Doll Duels is our Tonner fan and collector site found here: . There may be something wrong though, so let’s go step by step. First here is the link to where you can submit photos to Doll Duels: – once you have submitted a photo it takes a little time to be approved (about 24 – 48 hours usually).

      If you could submit a photo and email me, Kevin, at I can then personally go and clear it and see if there was a problem. We could then talk about what is happening.

      We do pin new photos uploaded to Doll Duels on our Tonner Doll Pinterest board:
      And Doll Duels itself has a complete Pinterest account full of Doll Duels pins:

      But Doll Duels itself is its own site where fans share their pics directly, where they duel. 🙂 Send me an email and we can work it out.

  3. Hey Kevin, that’s a brilliant guide – Pinterest put simply! When you first look at Pinterest it can seem a little overwhelming so this guide is perfect for the newcomers, I could have done with it last year!

    I’ve recently started using Pinterest for my site and am slowly starting to have more success with people leaving comments and repinning the dolls they like. It does take time though.

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