Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – New Tonner Doll Holiday Release

Everyone is raving about these new Deathly Hallows Harry Potter character figures, and we are pretty excited too. Here they all are from our Release Blog post – but today we were able to included a production head shot of the Viktor Krum figure, for all those dying to see what he looks like. You can find and shop all these Potter figures clicking below:

For all our Harry Potter fans we also took a trip down to the first floor and snapped some pics of details of some of the line, just to give you an extra something special you may not be able to see in the production photos. Scroll down to the bottom for those!



  • Dressed Tonner Character Figure™
  • Tom Felton Head Sculpt
  • 12″ New Highly – Articulated Child Body
  • Blue Painted Eyes
  • Platinum Wigged Saran Hair
  • Tyler Skin Tone
  • Grey Sweater
  • Grey Pants
  • White Shirt
  • Silver & Green Tie
  • Black Socks
  • Black Shoes
  • Black Wand



  • Dressed Tonner Character Figure™
  • Resin
  • Resin Dobby Head Sculpt
  • Resin Dobby Body
  • Blue Acrylic Inset Eyes
  • Muslin “Pillow Case”
  • Stand
  • LE 500

Deathly Hallows



  • Dressed Doll
  • Hermione 2 Head Sculpt
  • 16″ Tyler Regular Bust, Flat Foot Body
  • Brown Painted Eyes
  • Brown with Blonde Highlighted Rooted Saran Hair
  • Cameo Skin Tone
  • Grey Coat
  • Denim Blue Jeans
  • Multi-Colored Striped Fingerless Gloves
  • Grey Hooded Rib Knit Sweater
  • Off White Socks
  • Brown Shoes
  • LE 350

Deathly Hallows


  • Dressed Doll
  • Face Includes Hand-Painted Details
  • Fine Quality Vinyl and Hard Plastic
  • 16” Harry Potter Head Sculpt
  • 17” Matt O’Neill Body
  • Brown Painted Eyes
  • Brown Synthetic Wigged Hair
  • Cameo Skin Tone
  • Grey Jacket
  • Grey Sweater withBurgundyInset
  • Denim Blue Jeans
  • Glasses
  • Off White Socks
  • Brown Molded Sneakers
  • Stand
  • LE 350




  • Outfit Only
  • Fits 12″ DRACO MALFOY™
  • Black Robe with Slytherin Badge Decal
  • Open Edition


And now we have a fresh off the presses image of the Viktor Krum production head. Full length production shot coming soon!

Viktor Krum


  • Dressed Tonner Character Figure™
  • Viktor Krum Head Sculpt
  • 19″ Peter Body
  • Brown Painted Eyes
  • Brown Molded Hair
  • Cameo Skin Tone
  • Brown Shirt and Pants
  • Black Belt with Antiqued Gold Stud
  • Black and Brown Boots
  • Grey Coat
  • Grey Hat


And here are some very informal close ups. Enjoy:


Hermione’s shoes!


Harry Potter’s sweater and jacket

Viktor Krum’s Boots



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