What a Great #Dollchat on Twitter Last Night – Talking Tonner

Getting Together

For those that were there it was a such a great #dollchat last night, filled with energy and spark. If you’ve never been in a Twitter #chat before they are really hard to describe. The the energy just bubbles up as if you are at a cocktail party – you know that feeling when you walk into a room and there is “buzz” – and there are great conversations going on all around. It is something like that. It can be a little confusing at first, but you just relax and settle into your own little corner and go with the flow because you can sense that it is all fun.

This one was special because we had so many first-time users or people who joined Twitter only recently. Vince Nowell and Ann Covalt I know both joined Twitter just to chat dolls, and Char of Doll Diaries also entered for the first time in #dollchat. In fact there were so many people it was hard to keep track of just who was new, a fantastic time of thrill.

Everyone is welcome, and we don’t have to talk only Tonner dolls, any doll subject matter is wanted. And you don’t have to wait until 9pm EST on Tuesdays, you can all use the #dollchat hashtag during the week if you want to signal to others that what you are tweeting is open to conversation and sharing, or check the #dollchat tag to see what the latest doll conversation might be. Who knows, someone might be tweeting about something you love.

Those in #dollchat also got an unexpected treat last night – sometimes this will happen, where something new or special about Tonner will be revealed in chat – a sneak peek into a new Tonner doll photo sharing site that is coming in the new few weeks or so. Thank you all who took a look at it, and gave us feedback. A great help.

A special thanks to Ann Covalt, a Facebook regular, who jumped onto Twitter for the first time just hours before the chat. I tried to help her through the sign up process and am willing to help anyone who has trouble joining Twitter or figuring out how it works – just email me at tonnersocialmedia@gmail.com


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