Ebay Tonner Doll – This OOAK Tyler Wentworth Is Loved by Bears

A great Tonner Doll Ebay story – as of midnight 9/1 there are 27 bids in auction for this much-loved Tyler Wentworth. As you can see from the photos below the bear just thinks the world of her, but perhaps adores her just a little too much. But Tyler is tough and she made it through.

Humorously the Ebay seller says that the bear is not included in shipping, among other delightful side notes:

  • I have used her for a wig model
  • Mint except for:
  • Hair has been cut off
  • Thumb missing on one hand
  • Fingers missing on the other hand
  • Slightly played with by bears
  • Bite marks on head and body
  • Smells like Bears
  • Hairspray on Face

She is kind of dirty but could be cleaned up with a magic sponge or NOT. Comes from a smoke free and BIG pet friendly area. Will be shipped in a padded envelope as more damage won’t hurt her anyway. I live in the mountains and ship twice a week. Sorry the bear is not included in the auction. It would cost an enormous amount to ship and he doesn’t want to leave the mountain.

auction is here[

[addendum : The auction proceeds are in support of wildlife due to the Colorado fires.
From the page: “Due to the terrible wildfires and drought in Colorado Barney wants the proceeds to go to helping the wildlife. They have no food. BArney is a very caring bear. Just giving up his doll says alot about him.”]

Sounds like this Tyler could use the loving hand of our Dr. Noreen at the Tonner Doll Hospital  If you’d like to see some brand new Tylers you can of course see our Tyler Collections page as well. If you and your Tonner doll have had an adventurous experience we love to hear about it. Just send your thoughts and photos to tonnersocialmedia@gmail.com

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  1. LOL, I told her when she posted this on Prego, she should send the pics to Tonner Doll, and with a note for Robert reading, “Your dolls are beloved by ALL species!”

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