Dr. Seuss Comes to Tonner!

I can’t wait to share this with you!!  I have loved Dr. Seuss since I was a child.  I then read them to my children, and am now reading them to my grandchildren!!

High Fashion Meets Whimsy – Tonner Doll Company Takes on Dr. Seuss!

If you have a passion for fashion, And colors galore, You’ll love this new Dr. Seuss line Just wait and see what’s in store!

Kingston, NY – Tonner Doll Company, a cornerstone in the collectibles industry for more than 20 years,  in partnership with Dr. Seuss Enterprises, L.P.,  has introduced a vibrant, high-fashion take on the colorful, poetic whimsy that has entertained children and adults alike since the late 1930s.

“This has been a tough one to keep under our hats,” said a giddy Robert Tonner, CEO, company namesake and doll artist extraordinaire.   “There is a lot of excitement about this project internally, and we had so much momentum going into it, so we are really excited to finally show you the finished product.”

Tonner Doll is known for their elaborately detailed and high-fashion collectible dolls and outfits, as well as their ability to authentically capture popular characters such as Scarlett O’Hara and Dorothy Gale and bring them to life in vinyl form.

“This collection will be a marriage of what we do best:  High fashion and pop culture,” said Tonner.  “In this case, though, we’re not re-creating the Seuss characters, per se, but instead, what we’re doing is inspired by the colors and the shapes that are at the essence of what we all love about Dr. Seuss’s art.”

There are 3 pieces in the Dr. Seuss Collection:  The Cat’s Hat, Sam I Am and Truffula, and each is inspired by the timeless, ageless art included in Dr. Seuss’s books.  Each doll is 16” tall, adorned with inset eyes, rooted Saran hair and includes multiple points of articulation for imaginative and dynamic posing and play.  Only 500 pieces of each doll will be made.

Here’s some great photos!

They go on the Tonner website for ordering today!!!  They are going to sell very quickly so don’t wait to order one!  Also, special coupon codes:

  • DRSEUSS gets you 15% off and free shipping. NOW through Thursday only!  Expires 11:59 pm Thursday night. *Not valid on the gift set, on dolls sold separately only.  International friends can email tonnerdirect@tonnerdoll.com for a $9.95 shipping credit.
  • special pricing if you buy all three as a set plus SEUSSTRIO – free shipping.  International friends can email tonnerdirect@tonnerdoll.com for a $9.95 shipping credit.
    NOW through Thursday only!  Expires 11:59 pm Thursday night.



4 responses to “Dr. Seuss Comes to Tonner!

  1. I love these dolls! Enormously creative and fun! Theodore Geisel would have loved them! Monica Merrill is the perfect sculpt for this whimsical, wacky world–she’s found her GROOVE!
    Good job, Team Tonner!

    Peggy in Boulder, CO

    1. Hi Peggy

      Thanks for the comment. I will definitely pass this on. And we hope too that Dr. Seuss would have found them whimsical!
      Miss Nancy

  2. Bob Tonner’s imagination is unbelievable. These are over the top. Just when you think Bob has reached the top of genius, he creates something even more fabulous.
    These are brilliant.

    Marsha J. West, Enchanticals

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