#dollchat Google Calendar Created in case you lose Track

#dollchat Time

We in #dollchat have been tossing around ideas today on how to improve it. Everything from new times for those in other timezones to homemade #dollchat tiaras for Convention! But one of the ideas we discussed was setting up a Google Calendar which might make it easier to keep track of times. You can then add the calendar to your own calendar if you are a Google Calendar user (click the little +Calender at the lower right corner), and even set up reminders if you like. There could be new times added in the future. Right now the two “official” times are Tuesdays at 9pm EST (tonight) and Sunday at 2pm EST, but little conversations happen all the time. We are also of course looking into having guests. Not only one day Robert or Jason (of Tonner Toys), but also guest bloggers would be nice too, talking about their projects. The hashtag was started by us and a few collector/fans in the beginning, but the way it works is that tags mostly belong to you. Let us know the things you’d like to do with it and we’ll try and support it.

Remember you can always follow #dollchat even if you aren’t on Twitter through this Tweetchat link.

#dollchat Calendar

The subscribable RSS for the #dollchat Calendar

The iCal link for iCal applications: https://www.google.com/calendar/ical/5333c8pllp4sqck30bv9k7acc8%40group.calendar.google.com/public/basic.ics

The HTML page for the #dollchat Calendar



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