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Something Special: Doll Duels Widgets

For the past month or so we have been experimenting with a fun idea, little mini-versions of Doll Duels that you can easily embed right there on your site. We were thinking that it’s a great way to get more exposure for all the wonderful submissions from very talented collectors and repainters that have submitted, and it is an  way to add dynamic content to your blog, your social site or .com. The way it works is simple. You just select the size Doll Duels widget you think fits best and copy the HTML embed code pasting it in a main page or a sidebar. It is about as simple as embedding a YouTube video. Widgets their codes can be found here at Doll Duels Goodies. Below you can see the four we’ve designed so far (and you can see one on the sidebar of this blog). We are ever-forward thinking with Doll Duels and this is just part of exciting features we’ve got in store.

The nice thing about the mini-Duels is that all the votes count toward the main site and individual doll totals, so voting is occurring across the Internet and indeed across the world as already sites in many languages have them.

Prior to this public release the sites that have been hosting them – and you probably have seen them around – have been Beta testers for us. The Doll Duels widgets are still in Beta stage meaning that they are still in development and will likely evolve a bit in the future. If you do chose to use a mini-Duels we would appreciate you tell us which site it is via email [] so we could keep you up-to-date on any changes as they occur. But indeed, feel free to use them as you wish, you need only contact us if you want to be in on communications. Think of it as embedded a YouTube of some of the best doll photos in the world.

The Widgets and Sites

The largest widget is displayed at the top of this post. It is 560 x 375 pixels. There is also a smaller horizontal version, and two designed for sidebars:

Small blog page (400 x 275 px horizontal)


Small sidebar (260 x 210 px horizontal)


large sidebar (260 x 550 px vertical)


Visit the Doll Duels Widget page to get the embed codes

We want to thank the numerous sites that were our early adopters and gave us valuable feedback, here are a few examples of how others have used them to give a sense of how they appear:

Shannon Craven’s (a re-painter .com)


Alison Rasmussen’s fantastic Fashion Doll blog Fashion Doll Review


Miss Vinyl’s Pro Forum (French)


and Lenka’s personal blog Panenka-Panenky blog (Czech) each of which are using the very popular vertical sidebar version.


Simon’s Doll Observers social site employed the full page version, as have several other sites who have dedicated a page:

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

As always we are open to your thoughts and suggestions. Just email me, Kevin, at

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