Doll Duels Update – Top Doll Photos – Over 3,000,000 votes cast

What is Doll Duels?

Doll Duels is our Tonner collector and fan site devoted to the creativity and passion of everyone who loves their Tonners. You can see a vertical version of it just to the right of this post. It is a place where you can find every kind of Tonner photo, from fans that just want to share their dolls with others, to carefully composed scene and the work of talented repaint artists. Robert has always said “Believe in the Power of Play” and Doll Duels has always been about play.

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Just a quick overview for those just discovering Doll Duels. The primary method of sharing is simple.After uploading your favorite photos of a Tonner – you can upload here – they are entered into a random pairing of “duels” like the one above. A simple click is a vote for the one you like best. You can vote however you like. The doll, the photo, the composition, or just because you like something better, of course. You can see the Doll Duels Leaderboard, take a look at the top vote-getters by category (because Tonner Doll makes such a variety of dolls), or peruse the Newest Uploads. Every doll photo also gets its own profile page where Facebook comments can be left and where you can find out more about the uploader – for instance if they have a website, blog or Flickr account they would like to share.

Doll Duels Top Stories

It is pretty amazing that we’ve passed 3,000,000 total votes on Doll Duels.and that people just keep on uploading fantastic photos. We have now over 3,000 photo uploads and nearly 500 contributors. We’d like to highlight here some of the latest happenings on Doll Duels just keeping everyone up to date.

Top Dolls Leaderboard

There has been a lot of back and forth on the leaderboard for the last few weeks with several new uploads competing for the top spots. By the time you read this the order may be changed, but below are the top 5 dolls and their contributors as of this writing. Here is the Doll Duels Leaderboard.

Peggy 1950: click to go to profile

“Peggy 1950” is a Peggy Harcourt styled for the 1950s by Antoinette Couture. Peggy is part of our DeeAnna Denton line. You can read and subscribe to Antoinette Couture’s Fashion Doll blog here: Fashion Dolls Couture UnDlimited. This doll has been up around the top spot for several weeks as those who have been watching the Leaderboard know.

A Cozy Kind of Chic – click to go to profile

Quite an amazing expression of comfort and fashion accomplished by Renee, this A Cozy Kind of Chic is perfectly named. And we really get a feel for the girl this Sydney is. You can visit Renee’s website which is a little under construction still: or take a look at Renee’s Flickr. This is Renee’s repaint of Sydney who is part of our Tyler Wentworth line, a Wintergreen dress, the hat and dress is by Grazyna Jamroziak

Slavic Beauty – click to go to profile

Maria tells us that this dark beauty is a former Cat Woman from our DC Stars Collection.She doesn’t give us a website or Flickr account to see, but you can leave comments on this striking photo on the profile page. Just wow.

Class Act – click to go to profile

“Class Act” is photo by Renee of “A Cozy Kind of Chic” above. Voters are loving Renee’s doll photography lately, two in the top 5! She’s a DeeAnna repaint of course of the DeeAnna Denton line, wearing a Tonner 57th and 5th dress and gloves..

Lana Lang repaint – click to go to profile

This is a Shannon Craven Lana Lang repaint. Shannon is a regular participant of our our Twitter #dollchats – Sundays at 2pm EST, Tuesdays at 9pm EST if you want to join in, the only place on Twitter to chat dolls and figures. This doll started out as a Tonner Death by Fashion.from our Re-Imagination line.

You can find Shannon’s custom work on her website. And because she is not far from our Kingston offices we even had a chance to visit her in her basement studio where she creates all her transformations, with some great video. Visiting Flutterwing Designs.

To all those fans, collectors and artists that we highight we’d love to know more about your photos and dolls. If there is something above that needs correction don’t be shy about sending me a note at Also, if you’d like to write a guest blog post on your photo letting people know how it was done, what choices or techniques were employed, we’d welcome the share with our readers. One o the hopes of Doll Duels is to increase awareness of the very fine work and imagination of our collectors, and inspire more in others. There is so much that can be done with Tonners.

Some New Kids on the Block

It is always fun to hop over to the Doll Duels Newest page and see some of the most recent uploads. We get anywhere from 1 to 6 new photos a day it seems so there is always something fresh to look at. Below are some of the beautiful submissions recently.

Antoinette – click to go to profile

This fantastic outdoor shot was uploaded by Karen Frazier. You can comment on the profile page. Our current Antoinette line is here.

Joan Crawford – click to go to profile

justrefined uploaded this Joan Crawford as in the 1946 romantic comedy Humoresque:

justrefined fab Flickr stream can be found by clicking.

Stella on Christmas Eve – click to view profile

Holly Fields uploaded this Far East Stella – the Tonner Basic Far East Stella Archive page is here she’s from our Tyler Wentworth line – with a self-crocheted cardigan. You can find Holly’s Princess of Crochet etsy here. Great shot.


Doll Duels Pinterest

Not everyone knows, but we also have a great Doll Duels Pinterest page with over 2,000 pins. This is another way to follow the great uploads to Doll Duels as we pin a few new uploads as they come in during the week, and we have fantastic category boards like

Daring Redheads – click to see board

Dolls in Period Costume – click to view board

We also repin fashion photos from those pinners we follow and fashion and beauty pics because it is fun. If you are on Twitter you can follow Doll Duels there as well, basically

New Duels

Those on Twitter #dollchat and some of our blogging friends know that we have a Doll Duels 2.0 version in the works, and that is definitely still on the way. It has been a little slowed in its final stages of development, but it should make already fantastic Doll Duels even better. We hope to be bringing you more regular news from the site as lots is happening over there, and it is always great to bring more attention to our wonderful collectors and fans. Also if you haven’t yet contributed to Doll Duels don’t be shy. One doesn’t have to upload a masterpiece. It only has to be a photo you have taken care about, and a Tonner doll or figure you care for and want to share. There are lots of Tonners that still need more representation on the site as there are so many ways to collect.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions do feel free to email them to, it is always great to have feedback.


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