Doll Duels – Our Photo Sharing Site in Progress – 800,000 votes!

Doll Duels Reaches 800,000+ Votes – Pushing Forward

Thank you everyone for enjoying and passionately contributing to our Doll Duels photo sharing site. 830,000 votes have been recorded since the start just a little more than a month and a half ago, and 1,450 photos have been submitted.It won’t be long before we’ve reached 1,000,000 votes which is absolutely amazing.

One of the great things about Doll Duels is that it is being played not only near here in Kingston, but in fact around the world. Below is a heat map of all the top cites, and as you can see Toulouse France actually has been more active than even New York city!

New Developments in the Works

As we’ve mentioned elsewhere we have been working on a new algorithm which should provide everyone with greater variety of play. We’ve already made one algorithm change and another is on the way. We also in the coming weeks hope to start developing additional features which would make the site more fun with better ways to connect and share, and we have heard your suggestions thus far. If you’d like to offer some of your ideas feel free to email me, Kevin, at, we’d love to hear them. And thank you all for your patience with the present site, it is still in development and experiment.

For Those New To Doll Duels

Newest Pics

If you are just discovering Doll Duels or haven’t been in a while below are some of the features we’ve added over the last month or so. There is the Newest Pics page where you can see the most recent additions. This is a great place to the freshest photos or to see your own upload when it has cleared:

Top Dolls

Our Top Dolls page shows you the top dolls in each of 10 different categories. There you can get a sense of different kinds of Tonner lines and also the different things that people are doing with them. You might uncover something (or someone) you never knew existed:



And then of course is our Leaderboard where you can find up-to-the-minute leaders. It takes 40 votes to qualify, and sometimes you’ll see a young gun pop up there for a while, but it takes a great deal to hold the position with votes in the 1,000s. You may have noticed that we recently changed the way that winning rate % is calculated. The code we started with for the site originally had given a penalty for a “draw”, but no longer. Draws now – and retroactively – are counted as neutral to the winning rate, basically as a non-play, which is fairer to everyone.


Remember, you can use “Search” throughout the site to locate dolls in any number of ways. You can find all the dolls you uploaded by typing in your name, or if you find somone’s photo that you love you can find all of their uploads. You can type in doll line names, or partial names too.

Viewing a Doll

When you are dueling, notice that you can go and see the profile of any doll photo you love by clicking the “view now” at the lower corner: Also anytime you see a doll in the Leaderboards and Newest Pics you can click on the thumbnail to get to the profile.

You can leave Facebook comments and you can Pin photos on Pinterest from the Profile pages of dolls, as well as read descriptions and find the uploader’s website or blog if they have one. A big part of what Doll Duels is all about is not only finding great photography or shares, but also meeting new people, connecting to people from around the world who share your passion.

If anyone has any technical difficulties – including photo uploads – please email me, Kevin, at so we can make the site work not only for you, but also for others who might have a similar experience.

Don’t Be Shy – Share

With so many gorgeous photos on Doll Duels some people don’t realize that we want both the casual and the professional photo. I don’t know about you, but after seeing so many polished shots a great outdoors photo is so fresh and welcome when it pops into a duel. Some of my favorite photos are snap shots and shares. Doll Duels isn’t about winning. It’s about sharing, letting others see what you love. The “dueling” part is just the mechanism that makes it all happen. So jump right in and share your collection as it is meaningful to you!


You may have noticed, there are mini-Doll Duels versions (like the one to the right on this blog) that can be found on Doll sites and Doll blogs across the web. If you would like to host one of these mini-Doll Duels so your readers can vote for dolls right there on your site please do contact us. We’d be glad to share Doll Duels with you!


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