Day 3 Wilde Imagintion Weekend photo recap – Secret Garden 2012! – Breakfast, Raffle & Auction


Secret Garden 2012 – Wilde Imagination Weekend – Day 3

Sunday was the 3rd and final day of Wilde Imagination’s Secret Garden fantastic weekend. You can see our recaps of Secret Garden Day1 and Secret Garden Day 2 all with links to the wonderful job Michelle did covering the event on the Wilde Imagination Facebook page. And the agenda for the whole weekend can be found here in PDF: Secret Garden Agenda.Sunday held the “Little Garden Thing” Breakfast event, the Raffle Drawing and a fantastic Kosair Children’s Hospital auction. Enjoy all the pics, and be sure to click on any of the blue album titles to see more of the photo sets or the Facebook comments others have made there.

Raffle Drawing!!! Such FUN at 7:30am!!!


Untitled Album (Breakfast and Centerpiece)


Grey Mist – 16″ Tyler body with Sydney sculpt, grey beaded crepe de chine strapless gown silk chiffon lame underskirt, beaded jewelry, blue eyes and blonde hair from the colleciton of Paula Kagan…
Grand Gala – 16″ Tyler body, Shauna sculpt (queen of hearts) 2 piece gown of green and red irridescent silk taffeta, coordinating green faux fur, rhinestone jewelry, brown eyes, red hair from the Collection of Paula Kagan
Back in Black – Ellowyne RESIN, black lace and velvet gown trimmed in black silk taffeta crystal and beaded black jewelry, blue inset eyes with mink brown hair…
Sparkling Personality Lizette – wearing two piece sea foam net ruffled coat over sea foam net dress, lace tights rhinestone jewelry, brown eyes and brown hair…
Faded Rose – Evangeline hard plastic one piece net, lace and silk chiffon gown, crystal jewelry, green inset eyes and red hair…

Incredible OOAK Auction to ensue!!!


Izzy as Wendy, stand along $160.00, LE 300 OR as a set of three will sell for $408.00
Amelia as Tinkerbell, stand alone $160.00, LE 300 OR as a set of three collection will sell for $408.00
Hamish as Peter Pan, Stand alone $160.00, LE 300 OR as a set of three collection will sell for $408.00

Sneak Peek of 2012 FALL Amelia Thimble!!


“Phyllis Grube, was the receiver of this Back in Black Resin Ellowyne, mercy so love this rich lady all heavy laden, thanks so much lovely lady!”
Pamela Zaniewski won this beauty Sparkling Personality Lizette, wow, what a beauty! Thanks so much…
“Derek Meehan won this incredible Faded Rose Evangeline, I think he was shaking when this was given to him!! Thanks so very much…so amazing!!”
“Marcia Friend won the Grey Mist Tyler…so beautiful…this too part of the amazing Paula Kagan Collection and yet to be donated again for more care and help with the children…so special!”
“M. Teresa Murphy won the lovely and Beautiful Grand Gala Tyler…again this was from the Paula Kagan collection and it was redonated to keep the giving going!”

Kosair Childrens Hospital Auction WINNERS!


SO, Update…pallets going back to NY/NJ!!


Robert Tonner and Joe Petrollese




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