Chatting Dolls on a Sunday – Join Us on the Twitter Hashtag #dollchat

A few weeks ago we started hearing from our European collectors and others that it wasn’t always easy for them to make our Tuesday night #lchat (9pm EST), so we thought we’d try an additional time on Sundays, earlier. On Sunday we gather together now as well, and it has given a whole new group of people a chance to be a part of a Twitter #dollchat. It happens at 2 pm EST, and for those who haven’t been to a Twitter chat it is a real joy, probably not what you’d expect.

What is a Twitter Chat Like?

The first thing that will strike you about a Twitter chat is how fast it is. The stream really gets going and at it may feel a little bit much. But as soon as you realize that you can just watch it go by – I liken it to eavesdropping at a cocktail party – it becomes so much simpler. The easiest way to join is to go here to tweetchat. The advantages of tweetchat is that you don’t even had to have a Twitter account to listen it (you do if you want to join in and comment). Another good thing is that if you sign in with your Twitter account it automatically will add the #dollchat tag to your posts to include you, you won’t have to type it – here is how to set up a Twitter Account in less than 5 minutes, and here is some advice if you would like some more advanced thoughts.

Another really interesting thing about Twitter is that for some reason Twitter is a pretty friendly space. The energy is high, and a lot of support is offered even by strangers. While other discussion spaces may need some time to feel comfortable in Twitter is very open. It is not at all uncommon to just be able to ask a question of someone you don’t even know, no matter who they are. So in #dollchat – and all across Twitter – don’t be shy to just mention someone and ask questions or offer your opinion. It is part of how Twitter works.

So if new to #dollchat just let the stream get moving, and when you see a topic or a share of a photo – it is pretty common to share pics of your collection on #dollchat, just “mention” the tweeter and respond, making sure to included the #dollchat tag. It sounds a little complicated, but most people get the hang of it in about 15 minutes.

What is the Topic of a #dollchat?

The topic is dolls, dolls, dolls – and yes that includes character figures, doll collecting, and is not restricted to all things Tonner. We have Barbie collectors who share, and general fashion dolls collectors, and American Girl collectors. Mostly everyone gets together to talk about their doll week. What has happened, what did they get, what they are looking forward to, with the occasional photo shown in. And everyone jumps in: collectors, great repainters, resellers, bloggers. Every week it is somehow different.

We would like in the future to have specific topics proposed, and guest visitors (maybe Robert one day???), but right now it is just a friendly fast hour of Doll sharing.

If you have any questions, or need help getting onto Twitter feel free to email me, Kevin, at


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