Doll Blogs Round Up – a Scarlett Gown, Ultra Basic Sydney, Ellowyne in the 70s

There are more than a few talented doll collectors out there who blog about their passion and it is always great to check in on them to see what is happening in their world. If you see someone you like be sure to comment on their posts as it is always nice to contribute to the conversation and build the community. Aside from these highlights be sure to take a look at our list of Best Doll Blogs, a list you can even add to and vote on. Over 40 blogs are on the list, and it has had over 80,000 views!

Char’s Doll Diaries

Wilde Wednesday

Char’s Doll Diaries (@dolldiaries on Twitter) has a regular Wednesday feature highlighting Wilde Imagination, often with Ellowyne in Char’s creative stylings and photos. This week it was Ellowyne in 1970s fashion.

70s doll Crissy’s had a cousin Velvet who wore an eggplant corduroy dress with a cream colored bow. Ellowyne borrowed that dress today.


Alison’s Fashion Doll Review

Ultra Basic Sydney

Alison (@FDR_Alington on Twitter) is a big BJD collector and her blog reflects her love of Tonner dolls. This week she posted an Ultra Basic Sydney that had a face-up by Beesou of Overnight Flight, Antoinette Shimmer in the foreground, she says “I think Tonner’s resin is just a lovely shade–and so gorgeous. I can’t wait till Tonner’s convention this year–I’m hoping for a resin Daphne!”. She’s a frequent contributor to the Tonner photo fan site Doll Duels, her Flickr can be found here.


Charlie’s Dolls Behaving Badly

New Years Ideas and Resolutions

Charlie (@charlieriley819 on Twitter) has been under the weather for a bit and we are of course wishing her strong health. Aside from our doll blogging and her general awesomeness she also hosts Twitter #dollchat on Sundays at 2 pm EST. She also is known for her companion doll “Martie” a Jim Dandy modified Rapunzel, a pic of which she posts humorously. Love the idea of a “Meet the Dolls” section on her blog.

Martie’s getting grumpy about the lack of attention. Here’s an older pic to pacify her. I made her entire outfit, except of course the shoes. And the cat hair.


Raphael’s Scarlett Reverie

Marit Allen’s Scarlett gown recreation by Tamara Gavrysh

Scarlett Reverie is a blog passionately devoted to Scarlett and Gone With The Wind fashion. This late December post features details on GWTW designer Marit Allen, including a recreation of one of her dresses by Tamara Gavrysh (pictured below). Go to the post to read up on Marit and find out more about the mesmerizing dress: Marit Allen’s Scarlett gown recreation by Tamara Gavrysh. You can find our own Gone With The Wind Collection here.

Here is one Marit Allen gown re-created by Tamara Gavrysh for me. It is the gown worn by Scarlett to a Charleston Ball and after which the one she wears when she almost drowns.


Hope you enjoyed this quick tour around the doll blog world. If you would like to start blogging about your doll passion and need help feel free to send us an email: to Kevin, And if you have doll blog you’d like us to be more aware of do send us a message too.

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