A Look Back: Our Catalog Archive – Browse Through Tonner Doll History

(above: our 2001 Tyler Wentworth catalog in video)

Our 2001 Tyler Wentworth and the Catalog Archive

Many people may not know that we created an archive of past Tonner Doll Company catalogs on our site. In fact you can take a walk down memory lane, or learn about Tonner history dating all the way back to some of our 1993 promotional materials there, all in our PDF viewer…or you can even download the files for yourself. Just visit our Catalog Archive. Above is a video montage of our 2001 Tyler Wentworth catalog, just for fun.

Tonner Doll Company Archives
click to browse our Catalog Archivee


Our 2013 Mainline Release

And almost as a bookend, we also published on YouTube a montage of our 2013 Mainline Release as seen through detail photos last week. Here it is if any of you missed it: a nice way to browse through some of what is latest to Tonner  Doll. You can also shop our 2013 Mainline Release here doll by doll.

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