2,000th Tonner Doll Photo Shared – Doll Duels & Tiny Kitty

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Our 2,000th Photo

Here is Tiny Kitty shared by Jose Spain on Doll Duels, and she happens to be our 2,000th photo upload, and such a beautiful one. Tiny Kitty happens to be pretty popular on Doll Duels even though she is a past Tonner Doll line, in fact some have been emailing that she needs her own category and this is something we are looking into. Currently she can be found in Fashion Inspired Other. Jose Spain you upload such gorgeous photos – any doubts just go to Doll Duels and type the name in the search box. As most of you know Doll Duels has been spectacular we just celebrated our 1,000,000th duel – congratulations Wendy Potts on winning the Dazzling Tyler Wentworth Giveaway – in fact we are already at 1.3 million duels as we speak. But the 2,000th photo is even more special because these are the photos of dolls and figures you cherish.

Tiny Kitty Love

Because not everyone know Tiny Kitty we should take a moment out to introduce this now archived doll. I turned to Michelle at Wilde/Tonner for details and she sent this from the 2004 catalog along with some pics (below):

In a make-believe time and a tiny place, Tiny Kitty opens up her dress shop, which boasts the most beautiful clothing and accessories. Always the height of elegance, Kitty wears her highly detailed ensembles with geat feminine flair. Now collectors and fashion doll enthusiats can enjoy the signature vintage style of Tiny Kitty Coller a 10″ hard plastic minature of the 18″ favorite…

Kitty began 18″ and then came out in 10 inches. Michelle adds this great personal detail about the birth of Kitty fashion itself:

“It’s actually very special, Kitty was brought to life out of Robert and his love with his grandmother and period clothing, she had a dress shoppe I believe…and well old gloves, vintage hats, that time period are stuck really in his mind’s eye, we even did a Dress Shoppe, incredible piece…many years ago…”

And now some snaps from mid-year 2003. Tiny Kitty came in a hatbox gift set and this wonderful bridal costume:

Kitty Hat Box Gift Set - 2003
Inside Hat Box Gift Set - 2003
Bridal Bliss - Tiny Kitty
back cover Mid-Year 2003 catalog


Snaps from the 2004 Catalog:

Tiny Kitty 2004 Catalog
Tiny Kitty 2004 Basics - Catalog
Nobility and Romance - 2004 Catalog cover
18 inch Kitty from 2004 Tonner Catalog

At Tonner we are actively working on the Archive, as you all know, and one of the things we are concentrating on is a way for everyone to have access to our past catalogs, these little snap shots are just that a quick glimpse back.

In the bigger picture it seems fitting that Tiny Kitty makes our 2,000th photo share on Doll Duels, the new coming in touch and reaching back to the old, bringing it forward. Doll Duels has been fantastic thanks to all of your enthusiasm and great photos. What it really is about is sharing what you love.


8 responses to “2,000th Tonner Doll Photo Shared – Doll Duels & Tiny Kitty

  1. I wish Tonner would bring back Tiny Kitty. I just started collecting her 2 years ago and love her. She is a great size and I love her period clothing. I love Simone Rouge as well. I had heard he was going to bring her back…any truth to that rumor? Right now I have approximately 22 Tiny Kitty’s and continue to add more if the price is right and the budget allows! LOL. I have seen a renewed interest on her on Ebay within the past 6 months, it seems, as prices are beginning to climb.

  2. I always loved Tiny Kitty. I only have 2 though. I have Puttin on the Ritz from a luncheon, just adore the Jazzy feel of her! and I kind of made my own special Tiny Kitty; I fell in love with the Pop feel of the redheaded, violet-eyed Checkered Tiny Kitty, but really wanted the articulated girl, so I did the (gasp!) head-swap on the one that’s actually pictured above and got my Mod articulated red-head Tiny Kitty and now; she’s perfect!

    1. Hi!

      I saw a comment you made about a year ago, saying you did a head swap on Tiny Kitty. I really want to do this on a couple of my dolls, but I don’t want to mess them up as I’m not sure of the construction of Tiny Kitty.

      Was this done the same as on Barbie and Fashion Royalty dolls?

      Thanks for any info you can give me!

  3. WHY was Kitty Collier – Big AND Tiny – ever cancelled? I have been looking to get some of these lovely dolls, and they are VERY hard to find, which suggests to me that perhaps they would still be profitable. Simone Rouge, too, who seemed to sell out lickety split, is also nowhere to be found.

  4. Hey! I’ll THIRD that request to bring Tiny Kitty and Simone Rouge back! I absolutely love and cherish the four dolls with the wonderful bendy elbows and wrists that I do have, and would love, love, love to see new ones. The retired ones are almost impossible to acquire.
    And what can I say about those tiny littly fashions! Please, Robert and team, hear us! If Tiny Kitty was the 2,000th photo, maybe she’s trying to tell YOU something!
    Thanks for reading this.

  5. Wonderful photo–and lovely to see Tiny Kitty as the 2000th photo on Doll Duels! One of the things I love about the Doll Duels site is that I can see so much variety in the types and sizes of Tonner Dolls–and all the older dolls that I still need to add to my collection.

    The one Tiny Kitty I’d love to add to my collection still is Tiny Kitty at Court. I’d of course love to see this classy girl added back to the Tonner line–and wouldn’t it be fun to have her as a Nu Mood basic? Wow! 😉

  6. Hi,

    Sorry to be joining in late to this post, but I have to congratulate Tiny Kitty for being in the 2000th photo! She is my ultimate favorite of all the Tonner Dolls ever made! I started collecting her from the very begining back in 2003 and I have 94 in my collection. She is absolutely perfect because she can carry off both modern and vintage style clothing. Plus, there are so many clothing options available for her because she fits in most 11 1/2 inch sized doll clothing that is out there. You need to make a doll using her articulated body again. Its been much too long and she can’t be replaced by the 13 inch sized dolls.

    Tonner Direct – If you are looking to quickly set up the archives for her, look no further. Don’t even bother digging through your old catalogs. Please feel free to use the photos in my website http://www.tinykittysworld.com. Every Tiny Kitty doll, outfit, and accessory you ever made is on there. You gave me permission to use your photos along with my own photos back when I started the website in 2003 and I continued it through the last set of dolls that you made in 2008. So all your photos are there and catagorized by year. I mentioned my site many times every time I saw you guys at events over the years, but that was back in the days before Facebook and Blogs. We didn’t get as much attention as the newer collectors seem to get today.

    So thanks for remembering the dolls you made back in the day and the collectors who collected them and are still collecting your newer stuff too. We are still here. Our closets may be full, but just like those collectors who may have only recently discovered you or are hooked on only your newer dolls, we still find room to add more! 🙂


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