Getting to Know the Tonner Family – Our 1st Tonner Twitter #dollchat

Our First Tweet Chat

For those that missed it, the our first Twitter #dollchat came off fabulously. The chat really has been something that we’ve wanted to do for a while, but it was more a long range plan. But when we started talking to Darla and Sheilah and heard they they had been having great (and long!) Twitter doll chats on their own, we all kind of said, why not? Let’s make a time.

We put up a blog post announcement yesterday, If You Want to Talk Dolls Join Us, which also explains how to just watch if you don’t want to participate, but also how easy it is to join in. What great fun. If you don’t know what a Twitter chat is like, it is like a bunch of people who all love something getting together for an hour or so in a kind of cocktail party atmosphere. Because Twitter is short messaging (140 characters) it makes the energy pretty high and the sense that we are all together in the same room for a bit. It goes quickly and you just get caught up in it.

Some twitter chats are moderated, in fact most are, with questions for everyone and sometimes guests. We may do that in the future – (wouldn’t it be nice to have Robert on!) – but this one is just very, very causal, with no set topic just everyone getting excited about one thing or another, passing recommendations to each other or sharing pictures. It is a way to just get to know the Tonner family of collectors better. It is on Tuesday nights at 9pm EST, feel free to just drop by.

Here’s a little sample of what it looks like:

You don’t even have to be signed up to Twitter to follow along. You can see it all live here on Tweetchat. You also don’t have to wait until 9 pm Tuesday to use the hashtag:


Any time you are tweeting and you might want other doll enthusiasts and fans to answer back on a topic, include it at the end of your tweet. You never know you may find new friends to talk to out there. That is one of the nicest things about Twitter, connecting to great people you may not ever found before.

Some of the Tonnerites that were there (to name of few): Darla @doll_minded – you can read about her new passion in this blog post! – Sheilah @Ianthe_Shelley who just wrote a great post for us on Cami and Charlie @CharlieRiley819 who recently reviewed our QVC LittleMissMatched Girl, not to mention Miss Nancy who knows and loves as much about Tonner Doll as you can imagine. Thomas, Tonja (who says she was tweeting on her date night with her husband!), Ophelias_dolls, Tina, Sam…it was just great fun. It is all part of us finding ways to share and get to know each other in the Tonner family. Our blog, our Facebook, our YouTube, and now Twitter are ways for us to come together in something we all love.

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