LittleMissMatched Girls Are Seen Again – Tonner Toys at the Beach

Sporty Girl, Rock "N" Roll Girl, Artsy Girl, Uptown Girl

What we just love about the LittleMissMatched Girls is how uniquely playable they are. With the same Tonner emphasis on detail and character, these Tonner Toys fun-loving girls are not only affordable, they are ready to be played with by young and old alike.  Girls just like us, in our daily lives, dressed in adorable LMM fashion. The LittleMissMatched blog really captures this in their latest picture post on the girls going to the Jersey Shore.

Remember, the first time a LittleMissMatched Girl will be available is on August 29th, on QVC (the time to be announced) in an special offer doll and clothing package. All four will be available in Toys “R” Us by Fall! Not only will each of them be available then, but also 6 fashion packs. Collect all four and the packs and have seemingly endless LittleMissMatched fashion combinations.

About Tonner Doll

"Believe in the Power of Play!' - Tonner dolls and character figures are the inspiration of designer Robert Tonner: fashion, fantasy, cinema, old Hollywood.

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  1. These are just so adorable. I realy want one, but will, no doubt, not be quick enough to get one on QVC.

    So cute. Bravo!!!

    • Hi again Enchanticals,

      Don’t lose hope! What is being sold on QVC on 9/8 @ 1pm is a Tonner Toys LMM Gift Set, which means it will include a super cute dressed LMM doll, and several pieces of separates, plus an extra surprise!! Worry not, if you aren’t able to get the Gift Set on QVC, if there are any left, there is a chance you can get them on Additionally, if it turns out that you can’t get your hands on the Gift Set at all, you can still totally get the doll(s) once they hit Toys R Us stores in the fall this year. Thank you for leaving us a comment :)


      Joanne Canapini
      Community Manager

  2. Wonder if the shoes will fit the 10″ AE?

    • Hi Rene!

      Thanks for the Q! The LMM dolls actually are 15.25″ tall, and are not able to swap clothes or accessories with other Tonner dolls. This is a whole new breed, and we hope you enjoy them :) Thanks, Rene!

      Joanne Canapini
      Community Manager

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