Tonner’s Doll Hospital: Doctor Noreen Saves Another Life, and Reunites Family!

Tonner Resident Doll Doctor, Dr. Noreen Morris

Dr. Noreen Morris has one of the most interesting jobs at Tonner Doll Company.  She is a miracle worker, someone  who often can give back a piece of your lost childhood.  You see, Dr. Noreen repairs dolls!

Many dolls come to her in complete shambles, and she often times must completely reassemble, redress, and restring.  Some dolls come to her in such bad shape that she must admit them right away into the Doll OR for emergency surgery.

Well, yesterday, I was walking to the Bank to make a deposit for work, and I stopped in to the Doll Hospital to say hello to the Doctor and Jennifer, since it’s right along the way.  They warmly welcomed me, as usual, and I noticed that Dr. Noreen was diligently working away on a doll.  I asked her to tell me about it, and tell me she did.  It’s quite a remarkable story, one that I felt I had to share with you all!

The doll BEFORE her repair...










You see, the first thing that stuck me was that she said this doll was 110 years old!  Wow!  The doll obviously long outlived its first  owner, and after Dr. Noreen is through with her, she’ll have a pretty good chance of outliving her current owner!

Dr. Noreen elaborated a bit on where the doll came from.  The customer who commissioned the repair of this doll explained to her that this doll originally belonged to her grandmother.  I also noticed by this time that Dr. Noreen was hand-sewing (or wefting) a wig.  She then began to tell me about the hair:  It’s real hair, she said.  Oh, I’m thinking, wow, this customer really spared no expense to have this doll restored!  Well, let me tell you:  it’s even more special than that.  The human hair actually belongs to the woman’s grandmother, who was the original owner of the doll, and she requested that the long, lustrous lock be made into a wig for the doll as a special memorial of sorts to her grandmother.

Take a look at Dr. Noreen explaining the harrowing repair process, and watch her as she masterfully wefts the wig below!

Seriously, how special is that?? Doctor Noreen not only marvelously restored this doll, but also, in a way, she reconnected this woman with her grandmother!  Now, I’ve not been with the company long, but one of the first things that was glaringly apparent to me is that dolls bring people together.  But this is a whole new dimension of that, and I just think we ought to celebrate it!

AFTER! Amazing! The dolly is as good as new!













Dr. Noreen, you’re a remarkable woman, and the care and love you put into each and every doll you save is crystal clear to not only the people you help, but to the world!  You’ve touched many lives over the years, bringing people back in touch with their childhood, and the things they hold so dear.  We’re so lucky to have such a talented, kindhearted and caring woman in our midst!  Thank you, Dr. Noreen, for treating each patient as if she/he were your very own.

The Doll After Dr. Noreen's Surgery: Perfection!

4 responses to “Tonner’s Doll Hospital: Doctor Noreen Saves Another Life, and Reunites Family!

  1. Dr. Noreen and the Tonner Doll Hospital are top of the line. It’s not “just a doll” to the staff there, the doll is treated AS a patient. I still have the cute hospital gown from the time my Super Stripes Angelina (snapped left forearm) was a patient.

    1. Hi Diane!

      I’m so glad you see the value of our wonderful Dr. Noreen! You can touch base with her through email or phone, and she will give you the details about getting a repair to her: or 845.339.2960. You will be able to reach her Wednesday through Saturday, 10am to 6pm. Thank you so much for your comment, and have a great one!

      Joanne Canapini
      Community Manager

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