Wonder Woman Part 9: Athena’s Champion, Circe, and Betsy McCall Convention Exclusives by Jason Wright

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Welcome to Part 9 in our continuing series looking back at Tonner’s Wonder Woman dolls. This time we’re taking a look at not one, not two, but three different dolls! Wonder Woman is Athena’s Champion, Circe, and Betsy McCall as the little 8″ Wonder Woman. So, before we get started, here’s a rundown of where we’ve been if you’re just joining us or if you’ve missed an installment.

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Recently, Tonner announced it’s “Flights of Fancy” themed convention for this year, and one of the highlights (at least for me) is their “Amazonia” breakout event which will feature a WW theme. This isn’t the first time Tonner has done this and it makes this post all the more timely. Back in 2009, Tonner held another Wonder Woman event “Breakfast on Paradise Island” for their “On Film” convention which featured a WW themed souvenir doll, centerpiece and companion.

Prototypes of Circe and Athena's Champion by Tonner

I didn’t have the time or resources to make it to the convention which made purchasing these latest additions to the Wonder Woman line all the more frustrating. Not only were they Tonner Convention exclusives, they were also exclusives for Wizard World Philadelphia the following weekend. Which meant that whatever didn’t sell-out at Tonner’s con would get loaded up and taken directly to Wizard World. Thankfully enough product was available for purchase via Tonnerdirct shortly after both shows and they remained on the site for a couple of months before final sell-out. I think Betsy was the first to go and Circe was the last.

Athena's Champion centerpiece display pic by Tonner


Let’s begin with “Wonder Woman is Athena’s Champion”. WW has worn many variations of her royal robes over the years in the comics as her role as ambassador from Paradise Island, and Tonner has created an all-new interpretation for this limited release. She was used as the centerpiece for the breakout event and she’s limited to an edition size of only 100 pieces. This makes her (as of this writing) the lowest produced dressed WW doll. (The FAO Schwarz Trunkset was also limited to 100 pieces, but the doll included was the first release 16″ DC Stars WW with the same outfit as before so I don’t see her as a rare item unto herself despite being a part of the limited set and having different bracelets included.)

She uses the 17″ athletic body with the bloom skintone and shares the same facial sculpt as the 17″ Deluxe WW as well as “Forrest Frolic” from the Re-Imagination line. She has a dramatic hairstyle consisting of braids wrapped into a bun with little ringlets hanging to the top of her shoulders.

Her tiara is made from gold lame’ with a little wire to help holds it’s shape and attached to her head.

She came with a pair of gold coin earrings, and once again I opted not to put them in, but here is a detail for you to see:

Her necklace is an intricate series of connected gold tone chains adorned with red jewels and gold coins. It attaches in the back with a standard clasp. Very, very nice. Between this necklace and the one included with “Diana of Themyscira” it’s hard to decide which one is my favorite.

Her gown is made from red chiffon and has a thin, light texture. My photos don’t do the coloring justice because it’s very vibrant in person. It has gold trim running along the front.

Her belt is made from faux gold leather and is embroidered with an eagle that is very similar to her original emblem form her first appearance in 1941. A fantastic and unexpected detail and scores great big points with me! This definitely brought a smile to my face and I’m so happy to see a nod to the comics. The belt also has a little chiffon panel sewn to the front side and gives the illusion that it’s a part of the gown when it’s snapped into place.

She’s wearing a pair of silver gauntlets that are held into place by velcro.

The cape is also made of a generous amount of chiffon and is adorned by a gold-tone brooch.

Her faux leather gladiator sandals finish out her look with criss-cross straps, an open toe and little zippers up the back. Nobody can make footwear the way Tonner can, and this is yet another example.

Next we have Circe. She was the souvenir doll given to attendees of the event and is a limited edition of 300 pieces. She also uses the 17″ athletic body and she has an all-new sculpt. Her original retail price of $175.00 is also the same as Athena’s Champion. She’s beautiful and I love her, right down to her fiery red eyes!

Circe is an evil sorceress based on Greek mythology and has become one of WW’s fiercest enemies. I have to say that I’ve never cared too much for her so Tonner’s decision to do their own interpretation of her outfit rather than one in the comics isn’t a big deal to me at all. What bugs me a little about her is that she’s 17″ and not 16″ like the majority of the DC Stars, but despite that, she’s a great doll.

Her hair is an awesome mass of purple curls and the dolls given out at the con were signed behind their right ear by the man himself: Robert Tonner!

The jewelry that’s included consists of a pair of gold hoop earrings with a purple accent.

She has a gold choker consisting of an attached gold chain with jewel accents and gold coin.

Her outfit is an intricate work of art. I love this!! The bodysuit is made from a sturdy glittery fabric with attached faux gold leather bra cups. A purple chiffon cape and green chiffon accents are all sewn in giving her a medieval witch look. On the left side is a green chiffon sleeve and is held into place by a small clear hoop that can attach over her thumb. Her belt is also faux gold leather with an embroidered serpent and a floor length green chiffon panel attached to the front.

The rest of her jewelry includes bracelets for both wrists as well as an armband.

And Tonner’s footwear is just as impressive here as it is with other releases. She’s wearing knee high gold faux leather boots with lace accents in the front and zippers in the back.

Finally we come to the companion doll of the event. Little Betsy McCall as Wonder Woman. She’s not labeled Betsy McCall on the box, but rather 8″ Wonder Woman. She’s a limited edition of 300 and had an original retail price of $60.00

She’s cute as a button with her eyes that open and shut when you lay her down and stand her up.

She has articulation at the shoulders, neck, hips and knees. Her outfit is very similar to the very first DC Stars release back in 2007 with the classic bathing suit right down to the screen printed logo. I didn’t like it on the 16″, but here it’s just fine. She also has a pair of faux leather boots with little zippers up the back. Alongside the fabric tiara, belt and bracelets, this looks like an outfit that a little kid would wear if she were dressing as WW and it’s cute as a button!

I highly recommend this doll if you get a chance to buy her if you haven’t already. I would have loved to see something like this at a mass market retailer made available to a wider audience, especially to little girls.

Okay! That wraps up another chapter and next time we’ll see WW in the 13″ scale as well as the introduction of her one time adversary turned friend, Artemis!


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