Wonder Woman Part 13: Amazonia – 16″ & 22″ by Jason Wright

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After months of waiting Wonder Woman fans and collectors finally know who the mystery dolls are at Tonner’s Amazonia event from their Flights of Fancy themed convention for 2012. If you missed any of the excitement, Tonner did a wonderful job of giving all of us stay at home fans updated recaps throughout the convention including a nice summary of the “Amazonia” event. You can relive the fun right HERE

I’ll just touch on the graphic novel for a bit before we start the doll reviews so if you don’t want to know anything about the book the next part contains a few spoilers. Just skip on down to the end of the spoiler alert:

>>>>>>>>>>>>>SPOILERS AHEAD<<<<<<<<<<<<<

“Amazonia” is a graphic novel under DC Comics’ Elseworlds imprint where familiar characters are taken out of the main continuity of the DC Universe and are reimagined in an alternate universe. Creators have free reign to change anything and everything, even killing off alternate earth characters for the need of the story so no one, not even the main character is safe. In this reality, during the 19th Century, Jack the Ripper is the monarch of the British Empire and under his reign women have no value and are treated as nothing but property for men who must obey their every command. They even go so far as to make their wives wear chains as an acknowledgement of marriage. (Rough stuff, and really ticked me off when I read this years ago).

Captain Steven Trevor and the Royal Marines land on Themyscira, the island home of the Amazons, by accident. The Amazons welcome them only to be betrayed, slaughtered, and the survivors taken as slaves. Diana is taken and forced to marry Steven and becomes a star of a London theatrical show. “The Wonder Woman” uses her great strength to reenact tales of women from the bible and during the course of the book she frees her sisters and takes on King Jack the Ripper. Great art and story and highly recommended. You might be able to find a copy at your local comic book store, Amazon or Ebay.


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>END SPOILER ALERT<<<<<<<<<<<<<


Now, on to the good stuff and why we’re here……the dolls!

We knew from Tonner’s description of the event that the Amazonia version of Wonder Woman would be the souvenir doll. (More on her shortly). What we didn’t know about was the centerpiece. And boy, what a surprise! Another Amazonia Wonder Woman, but this one is 22″ in size! It came as a total surprise to me since one of the presentations described for their event was a retrospective of superheroine outfits through the years. This created a lot of pre-convention speculation for anything including another version of WW or new DC character to make their debut. The big reveal was a total shock to say the least!

I’m very happy to say that unlike recent Wonder Woman releases Tonner chose all-new materials for this doll and didn’t repeat anything. Of course she’d be different since she’s an alternate version, but there’s no hint of a short-cut or recycled elements from what we’ve seen since 2009. A very welcome change!

The 22″ Amazonia is a very limited edition of only 100 pieces tying with the Athena’s Champion as the lowest produced Wonder Woman doll made. I’m not suggesting you buy this one as an investment, you should only buy and collect what you love and if it goes up in value it’s a bonus, but Athena’s Champion rarely comes up for sale nowadays and when she does she’s insanely expensive. Just food for thought.

Like the other doll, she has inset eyes and applied lashes. She shares the same sculpt and body as last year’s 22″ Wonder Woman.

Her tiara is packaged seperately and it’s a dead-on likeness from the book. It attaches to the head with a simple clear rubber band.

Her faux shimmery leather choker has a silver plastic star charm on the front and attaches with a snap in the back.

Her hairset is what you’d probably see back in the 19th century with a dramatic updo and a curly ponytail.

She wears a pair of dark blue sleeves on each arm with a pair of optional painted hands to attach giving the illusion of gloved hands. It’s much easier to put her gauntlets on with her hands removed since they slid on better this way and you won’t run the risk of breaking one of the plastic bands that secure them. Both are molded exactly the same way and is doesn’t matter which wrist you put them on. They can be adjusted very easily once in place.

Her corset is a muted faux red leather with a gold faux leather eagle stitched in to place. I love the stiching in this all the way around and it adds a lot of detail.

Attached to her corset is a pair of shimmery blue faux leather briefs that match her boots perfectly. Also attached is her chiffon waist drape with two plastic stars sewn on each side.


And last but not least are her crumpled faux blue leather shimmery boots with a zipper in the back.


She may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but she’s an elegant doll and a great companion piece to Tonner’s other 22″ WW. I’m very happy with her and I recommend her highly if your sitting on the fence about her.


And now for the 16″ souvenir doll.

I’m especially excited about this one! 1) She’s the first 16″ Wonder Woman since the trunkset in 2008. 2) She has the new hero body that I’m totally in love with! 3) She has a pair on interchangeable fists (a first for my collection).

16″ Amazonia is a limited edition of 300 pieces. She has the Tyler (bloom) skintone and features a sculpt Tonner is calling Diana.

I still love the original 16″ WW sculpt but this one is absolutely beautiful and I’d love to see it repeated for future WW releases. It’s unclear at this point if she really is an all-new sculpt or if she’s a tweaked version of Luna, Halle, Samantha, or even Charlotte. I’m not seeing Charlotte but I do see a little Luna and Halle. Either way, the choice of the sculpt is perfect for Wonder Woman and she looks amazing!

The outfit is an exact scaled down version of the 22″ right down to the choice of materials which makes this part of the review really, really easy.

Several dolls were signed by Robert Tonner himself, right before the convention!

What I really like about this one is that the outfit doesn’t inhibit the movement of the new body. I love playing with it, and it’s hard to put down!

The only downside to this version of the outfit is that the gauntlets are loose when attached to her wrists. Other than that no complaints. I also highly recommend this doll to a superhero collector as well to anyone who is into the Steampunk stuff that Wild Imagination is currently selling. She’d make a great addition to either collection.

And there you have it another review about Wonder Woman! As always, hopefully you found something here to help you decide whether or not you want to add these to your collection. If you missed any of my other reviews about her, here are a few links:

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(This review wouldn’t have been possible without the help of a wonderful fellow collector. If you’re reading this, thank you again, you’re the best!) 🙂


Jason Wright is a lifelong Wonder Woman fan and collector since 1976’s debut of the Lynda Carter WW series. A comic book collector for 32 years and Tonner collector since 2007 with the 16″ WW as his “gateway” doll. He enjoys TCFs and comics as his primary hobby with comic and pop culture memorabilia as well. He lives in Shelby, NC and is a regular on Tonner’s Facebook page as well as other WW collector sites.








7 responses to “Wonder Woman Part 13: Amazonia – 16″ & 22″ by Jason Wright

    1. I’m amazed and happy that Tonner has kept us WW geeks in dolls for so many years. I hope they continue! 🙂

  1. Thanks so much for this post, I have been on the fence about 16″ Amazonia WW, you have helped make my decision in her favor, now to find that pesky money tree! she has such a perfect 1900s face,I keep seeing her as a Gibson Gril in a starched shirtwaist and long skirt, right up to the point where she transforms into Wonder Woman! Must get the Amazonia book too. I have realy enjoyed all your posts so far, please keep posting!

    1. Thank you Gina! I’m so happy I was able to help you make your decision. Please share a few pics when you get her!

  2. Jason, you may be making a fan out of me yet! Not much into comics, but ya never know. You keep writing these awesome blogs with the glorious picts and I may find myself venturing over…. 🙂

  3. Thanks Jason for these informative articles about the WW dolls and the great photos. I’ve bought both Amazonia dolls as I’m a WW fan too. Couldn’t resist!
    I was quite impressed by the quality of the outfit. I especially liked the faux leather bustier and as you noted the details of the tiara, the bracelets and the boots -the fabric for these boots is just perfect. One thing that left me disappointed though was the finishings of the hem on the chiffon drape…a recurring problem when chiffon is used. The 22″ doll is quite impressive but I must say I’m not of fan of that size and I do prefer the 16″ version.
    The new sculpt is interesting but I don’t know why she has that grin. The plus side is that at last Wonder Woman has her own “Diana” face. But let’s not forget she’s an amazon and a warrior…that’s why for me the face sculpt used for the 16″ deluxe version -you also reviewed -is the best so far.

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