The Fashion Doll Quarterly 20 Year Review of Tonner Doll

A Great Look at Our History

For those that haven’t read it yet, this Summer Fashion Doll Quarterly put out a fantastic review of the 20 years of the Tonner Doll Company. Beautifully written by Pat Henry – who is penning a book on Robert and the company due out later this year – and sumptuous in photographs it is a definite read for anyone interested in Tonner Doll from aficionado to beginner.  It starts from where it all started, a brief except:

He moved to upstate New York, and set up a studio cottage with a kiln and a sewing machine, sculpting with clay, transferring the molds to wax and finally casting the dolls in porcelain. Casting plaster was used for the joints, with wooden balls providing the ball-joints. The dolls were fired, dried, painted and fired for a second time. The figures were then strung, wigged and dressed. From the beginning, Tonner was the originator and creator of each of his works. More like Madame Alexander than the Handlers of Mattel, each doll was an artisanal piece of miniature fashion, whether it was a freckle faced child or the elegant adult glamour girls who later developed into his iconic American Models. At the time, Tonner admitted, “I like all parts of this and hate all parts of it. But there’s enough diversity and it’s very creative. I can’t get too bored.”

Pat’s article carries us all the way through to present day, causing us to reflect on how tremendous a journey it has been. We highly encourage you to download the article which FDQ has generously offered to our collectors in a PDF file:

click to download: Robert Tonner: Two Decades of Design

Of note, the current Fashion Doll Quarterly Autumn issue has a wonderful review of the Chicago 20 year Anniversary Convention.  Also dear collectors be sure to read, comment on and subscribe to Patchat the new FDQ blog.


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  1. I just LOVE the Tonner dolls. I have many (some new; some from eBay); I only wish I could have them ALL!

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