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[Here is Part 1 of this doll tale and here is Part 2 ]

Hey Friends– this is the final episode of the Doll Repair Insanity as our restored Composition gal is going home today – I spoke with Florence earlier and she can’t wait to see her beloved childhood doll. I sent her a quick email to let her know I was finished and attached a pic. She couldn’t wait to call me and tell me she was taking the trip today to pick her up. She said one thing to me that makes all this work worthwhile…”When I looked at her picture—it all came back to me–those wonderful childhood memories loving that doll”  This owner wants to pass her down so that her grandchildren can experience the very same joy and comforting love that she..and also her daughter experienced with this doll. I have always believed that dolls were created to hold the overflowing love of a child and the doll acts as a vessel to hold that love for many generations. When you think of the dolly you once cradled in your arms as a child…do you smile? I think this is the reason why so many dolls are passed down in families. When you pass down your beloved doll–you are passing down not only a doll—but all the love that doll holds inside. OK…enough of my sentimental stuff–below I have added pictures of this dolly getting ready to be dressed. She is proud of the fact that she has her two teeth replaced and had her bottom lip re-sculpted as compo was broken off there also. She is going home in an adorable dress I was able to find on Ebay–and it fit her perfectly.

She is so glad to be feeling better!

Here is another picture with her new little outfit and matching bonnet

Now…..Grandma and family have arrived!!

This beautiful Baby will be loved by another generation!!

This is the beautiful family that is owned by this dolly. First loved by Florence…then her daughter…and finally to those gorgeous little girls….ahhhhhh… Life is good


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8 responses to “Dolly Goes Home – My Life as a Doll Doctor

  1. “Fantastic,” “Phenomenal,” “Superb,” – these words damn your incredible work with faint praise, Dr. N!

    I am so glad you were able to save a family heirloom from being tossed into the trash – that is something to be proud of – and you have many achievements of which to be proud.

    Sometime or another, when my doll buying mania calms down a bit – you need to have words with Mr. Tonner about tempting me to spend every last penny I get! – I think I will send Barb (my first doll) your way for some TLC.

  2. Dr. Noreen,
    You do such amazing work, It is so good to see a beloved companion be restored to her former beauty. It also does my heart good to see a doll loved so much by an entire family, she will have a good 2nd life I’m sure and will be loved by many generations.

    1. Thanks Joe….this job is just chock full of rewards and meeting that family was one of them! Those girls were so excited…..and their Grandmother was beaming with happiness!

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