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Big Compo Repair

Oh boy—back from vacation and know I have to finish that doll! As you may remember…we kind of left the poor thing in the Operating Room with a face full of fillers. She must feel like Joan Rivers by now…but we will save her. I had a few emails from my followers asking if this doll was really going to survive. I hated to keep you on pins and needles for so long–but I am not certain she will look the way I want her to. I spent a few hours sanding some of those fillers as her face needs to be as smooth as possible before we touch up the paint. Due to all the gaping wounds, she will never have the silky smooth complexion she once did–but the owner just wants this doll without the cracks and holes in her face. To refresh your memory…we left her with several kinds of fillers.

After sanding I started the body work. I had to put in a new cryer and add a bit more stuffing. Then on to those fractured eyes. They were so bad….the oil trick inside the pupil did help though. I finished with a noce gloss sealer on the outside of the eyes–that added clarity! I still have some work to do on her hair…dry brushing a lighter shade over the darker will give it that worn look. She will not be finished until next week—so please stay tuned for the last part of this exciting restoration. I may say—she is starting to look better……

I must tell you…when I got back from vacation…20 boxes of dolly repairs were here just waiting for me. I may take a bit longer getting them all done–but I promise there will be some super cool and interesting ones in there for us to talk about. Now don’t forget to check back this week to see this badly damaged compo finished. She will not be perfect—but I promise she will look pretty darn good considering…..


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About Dr. Noreen

Dr. Noreen Morris is chief of staff at the state of the art Tonner Doll Hospital located in Kingston, N.Y. She has over 20 years experience in the repair and restoration of antique bisque head dolls right on up through modern dolls of today. She is often referred to as the "Plastic Surgeon"..but operates on vinyl, composition, hard plastic and bisque dolls too.

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Published on October 11, 2012 with 7 Comments

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  1. She already looks amazing!!
    Love the Joan Rivers comparision. Hilarious!!

    • Thanks Wendy, it sure did take plenty of filler for this old gal (but she is from the 1930′s)—a bit more work on her hair—and a little touch up here and there and she may be able to go home soon!

  2. WOW- not my doll, BUT Im so happy to see what youve done…how awesome.

    Love from New Zealand.

    • Thanks so much Colin…..please look next week as she should be finished by then. So much damage….but we never give up!

  3. I think it is absolutely amazing the work you do, and your dedication and desire to get the dolls brought to you as close to their original form as you can. Whether it’s a wonderful antique, or a little girls Belle doll in need of some serious hair help. If I ever have a doll that needs work, I know where to go.

    • Thanks so much Taya…..the rewards of this job really make it special. From the children to the adults–it’s the look on their face, (and sometimes even the tears of joy) that make me so lucky to be able to do this!!

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