Tonner Toys City Girls – On the Scene! READ ME for City Girl specs!

TODAY marks a grand occasion:  The launch of Tonner Toys City Girls!

City Girls
City Girls

Meet Astor the Fitness ModelHouston the Personal ShopperBrook-Lynn the Event Planner, and Billy the Bakery Owner.

Golden Swirl Astor - Deluxe City Girl by Tonner Toys
Golden Swirl Astor – Deluxe City Girl by Tonner Toys

The life of a Fitness Model isn’t always photo-shoots and sporting events.  Astor is ready for tonight’s Charity Ball, wearing the Golden Swirl Gown.  She’s ready to dazzle and dance.

Golden Swirl Astor Deluxe Dressed Doll comes dressed in:

  • Gown
  • Stole
  • Earrings
  • 4 Bangle Bracelets
  • High Heeled Strappy Sandals
  • Doll is 15.75″ tall.
Taxi! Billy - Tonner Toys City Girls
Taxi! Billy – Tonner Toys City Girls

Billy’s Buttercream Bakery is one of the hottest bakeries in the City. There are always lines around the corner waiting for her scrumptious desserts. She’s sweet, soft spoken and puts love into everything she bakes. A large portion of the proceeds from sales of her cookbook go to charities around the City.
Taxi! Billy comes dressed in:

  • Bolero Jacket
  • Purse
  • Tunic Dress
  • Belt
  • Leggings
  • High Heeled Boots
  • Sunglasses
  • Doll is 15.75″ tall.
Color Block Astor
Color Block Astor – Tonner Toys City Girls

Astor is a strong and determined survivor. While in the hospital she made up her mind to beat her medical condition and start doing triathlons She succeeded and is now a competitive triathlete and fitness model with major contracts. She devotes a lot of time to training & friends but just as much to charity runs to help find a cure.
Color Block Astor comes dressed in:

  • Top
  • Purse
  • Skirt
  • 3 Bangle Bracelets
  • High Heeled Strappy Sandals
  • Sunglasses
  • Doll is 15.75″ tall.
Basic Brook-Lynn - Tonner Toys City Girls
Basic Brook-Lynn – Tonner Toys City Girls – $39.99 -Exclusively Available at  –

When you need an Event planned, the “IT” gal to call is Brook-Lynn. She’s incredibly organized, detail oriented and has exquisite taste. She also uses her amazing creativity for pro-bono charity events that raise awareness for causes close to her heart. Brook-Lynn comes dressed in:

  • Robe
  • lace camisole
  • lace “boy-shorts”
  • high heeled strappy sandals
  • Doll is 15.75″ tall.


Houston Basic - Tonner Toys City Girls
Houston Basic – Tonner Toys City Girls

Few people have the style and eye for fashion that Houston does. She started her Personal Shopping business in college and since graduating, her client base has grown exponentially. She’s a smart and graceful business woman who is also incredibly socially minded.
Basic Houston comes dressed in:

  • Robe
  • Lace Camisol
  • Lace “Boy Shorts”
  • High Heeled Strappy Sandals
  • Doll is 15.75″ tall.

Not only are the dolls super adorable, but there are 3 amazing fashion packs, too, with endless options in each pack for hours and hours and HOURS of play!  Each sells for $24.99.  Check out Cape Town, Networking and Gray Haze below:

Cape Town Fashion Pack - Tonner Toys City Girls
Cape Town Fashion Pack – Tonner Toys City Girls

Autumn in the City is a magical time. Warm days and chilly nights. Strolling the avenues and enjoying the evenings outside before winter pushes everyone indoors.
The Cape Town Fashion Pack comes with:

  • Capelet
  • Tunic Dress
  • Bangle Bracelet
  • Stretchy Jeans
  • High Heeled Bootlets
Networking Fashion Pack - Tonner Toys City Girls
Networking Fashion Pack – Tonner Toys City Girls

The City Girls know that it takes more than working hard to make it in your chosen field. Who says that you can’t have fun while Networking? Networking Fashion Pack comes with

  • Bolero Sweater
  • Dress
  • Hose
  • High-heeled Strappy Sandals
Gray Haze Fashion Pack - Tonner Toys City Girls
Gray Haze Fashion Pack – Tonner Toys City Girls

The City Girls know that winters in the City are COLD! The streets become windy tunnels and are a maze of ice and slush. Luckily, they know how to dress accordingly,
The Gray Haze Fashion Pack comes with:

  • Hat
  • Scarf
  • Coat
  • Tunic Dress
  • Leggings
  • High Heeled Boots

Including a dynamic, motivating back-story, City Girls are freshly matriculated from college and are ready to take on the world and follow their dreams.  In addition to her career, each girl has strong community values and a charitable heart.  The genius of this toy line is that it is geared toward the beginner collector.  So, it aims to please the young and the….old?  No that’s not right.  All ages!  😀  Visit to learn more about these charming ladies!

Okay, so now you’ve seen the dolls, and you’re saying, “We want to know MORE!”.  You GOT it!

The toys…I mean…gals are 15.75″ tall (16″ in heels!) and they have 12 points of articulation.  They come with painted facial features and have quality rooted Saran hair.  The body is obviously completely different proportionally from any Tonner Doll bodies, but that’s okay:  they’re their own thing!  A dear collector of ours who has some City Girls for review has played around with different clothing swaps, and he’s found that Tyler, Ellowyne and Antoinette-sized clothes don’t work (Thanks Michael, much love!).  However, some of the LittleMissMatched clothes DO!  We say that with a tiny bit of caution though, because of course the bodies are different proportionally and whatnot.  But trying this stuff out is half the fun of toys and dolls!

Also….here’s a special little photo showing how the City Girls body compares to a 13″ fashion body, a Tyler and an American Model, just for fun.

Doll Body Comparison
Doll Body Comparison – from L to R: 13″ Fashion doll, City Girl, Tyler, American Model

And here’s another photo comparison from My Dolls Are My Models on Flickr (AWESOME! – again, thanks Michael), comparing City Girls with a Prudence, Moxie, Monster High, etc, so check it out!  [This just in:  My Dolls Are My Models, Michael, has just completed his City Girls video review – he’s kindly included outfit swapping comparisons, too!  Check it out!]

Regarding Shoes:  The City Girls have SUPER high arches, and will really be best off with their own City Girl shoes.

In case you didn’t get the memo, City Girls are NOW IN STOCK and shipping!  Click here to shop City Girls on!   It should also be noted if you want to pick up the sweet blonde basic Brook-Lynn, she is exclusively available at

We sure hope you like this new line, and we’d like to wish a great big congratulations to Jason Corrao-Reilley and Robert Tonner on a successful launch today – Kudos!

Whew!  That was a whole lot of information!  Well, play on brothers and sisters, play on!

5 responses to “Tonner Toys City Girls – On the Scene! READ ME for City Girl specs!

    1. Hey Marjorie!

      Thanks so much for the comment, we’re so so happy you like the new line 😀 Toys R Us will not be carrying City Girls, but you can buy City Girls online at and/or and right off the shelves at FAO stores (they’re also in the FAO catalog). There are links to everything right in the blog post. Thanks again!

  1. I just bought Billy and the three outfit sets today! Can’t wait until they arrive! I have lots of food props that I can use to display with her, so the back story will work out great!

    Thanks for the doll comparison photos! They are very helpful! I always like when my dolls can share clothing with others. I have all the Little Miss Match outfits, so I will have to try them on her to see how they look. I’m hoping I can also tweek some patterns that I have for other dolls so I can make some clothing for her!

    Love that you made the outfit sets so there are lots of mix and match capabilities! Looking forward to having fun playing with her. Hope to buy her a friend soon too!


    1. Hello Maria!

      Thanks so much for the comment! We are super pumped about this line, and are so grateful it’s been so well-received! We sure hope you’ll share pics of your new dolls on our Facebook page when she arrives! 😀

      You’re welcome for the photos! A brand new line always brings out comparison questions, so it’s good to have a resource for people to check.

      Thanks again Maria!


      Joanne @ Tonner

  2. When is Maudlynne McCobb going to be released? I think she is great and can’t wait to see her in the vinyl! Loving this line!

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