Time to Remember How Much Fun Halloween with Tonner Is! – Convention 2011

Watch the staff at Tonner and Robert himself dance Thriller and remember how much delicious fun it is to spend Halloween lead up with us!

Behold the fashionably frightening world of the supernatural at the 2011 Tonner Halloween Convention!  Join us around the campfire, and we’ll spin some bloodcurdling, spine-chilling ‘scary tales’ that are sure to be frightfully fun!  The Tonner Halloween Convention is filled to the brim with spooktacular events, hair-raising costumes, unearthly dolls, and phantasmal fun!  The one and only Robert Tonner will be our ghost  host with the most, as he steers our ghost ship through waters steeped in events, souvenirs, contests, entertainment and… of course, scary surprises.  Registration includes the 16” fashion doll souvenir, three meals, favors, free seminars/presentations, and just a few added treats to thrill and amaze you.   Limited to 250 attendees.  $325 per person

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Where Is It? It is here.

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Sheraton Burlington
870 Williston Road
Burlington, VT 05403

Contact Information

Phone: 845-339-9537

Email: convention@tonnerdoll.com


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