Stratos Rings in on Bad Girl Barbie – Tokidoki Fashion Doll

Surfing around through our Doll Blog reader it was nice to see Stratos – who we recently featured – covering the latest doll trends. We’ve just begun reading his blog having only met him on Twitter not long ago. Anyone else have thoughts about Tokidoki Barbie? Stratos makes a great point about who this doll was – at least explicitly – meant for, but interesting as well that Barbie is staking out some Bad Girl ground.


You must have noticed that I rarely write about Barbie doll releases, unless they are something special (like the Pantone Barbie in the previous post). So why this one, since I do not even like her styling? Because she managed, in just a week, to become the bane of many parents in the US, even though she is not a toy. Mattel clearly sells her as a collector’s doll, she’s a Gold Label doll with no more than 7.400 dolls produced. She even has a price tag of US$50, which makes her unavailable to most children. Still, many news outlets, from doll blogs, fashion blogs, twitter and even major fashion publications like Allure and news outfits like L.A. Times and CNN keep on reporting about parent’s supposedly irate reactions to the doll.

The give-me-a-scandal-any-day UK newspaper Daily Mail even gets it all wrong as they mention that the doll is marketed to children. Sorry guys, get your facts right. Barbie Collector Dolls are for adult collectors and are not to be sold to anyone over 14 (written on the back of all Barbie Collector boxes). But who reads the fine print when they want to create controversy? Of course the doll is not only sold out (more are to be released in mid November from what I read) but her price in the secondary market has quadrupled.

via The Fashion Doll Chronicles.



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