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Our Profile Pic of the Week from the week before was from yet another spectacular collector from Russia – this is quite a run we have going, and it has been such pleasure for us meeting our Russian collector base recently. Oksana joins both Anastasia and Marina as part of our Tonner Blog Russian collector family. Only of some of her pics from the article made it here, be sure to see our Facebook album of them all.



Hello, my name is Oksana. On Facebook I’m also known as Milla Vitt.

My collection started with Harry Potter dolls 2 years ago. The first two were Harry and Hermione, then Draco came. He was the most desired doll for me as he is my favorite character in J. K. Rowling’s books. I’m so glad Mr. Tonner began these dolls as they are very realistic and similar to their originals. And the existence of joints makes these  big dolls gorgeous.

In Russia we have a special website devoted to dolls of all kinds. It is called DollPlanet. I found Tonner dolls thanks to this site…

I’m from Moscow and it’s very good from the doll collector’s point of view. You can take part in lots of different meetings, exhibitions and festivals here. For example last year we celebrated Halloween and Draco was an absolute star there. Everybody looked at him, asked to touch him and were very amazed.


And New Year celebration was Potter’s time. He got Audience Choice Award.


Children also took part in this meeting with great pleasure

By the way, it is an incredible doll line indeed. Now I collect Harry Potter’s dolls 12″ too – I’ve already got Harry and Hermione and I’m waiting for Ron. But my greatest dream is for Mr. Tonner to make little Draco. I’m sure he would be cute as all these dolls which are very nice.


I’d like also new dolls in 17” line as there are so many interesting characters – Weasley twins, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, Cedric Diggory, Victor Krum, Nymphadora Tonks and many others…

Now besides Harry Potter at the Yule Ball, Hermione Granger at Hogwarts, Draco Malfoy at Hogwarts I also have Luna Lovegood, Lucius Malfoy, Professor Severus Snape and Harry Potter Gryffindor Seeker, Harry Potter Triwizard trunk set, Harry Potter at Hogwarts.


My Draco


My Harry


I also have  Triwizard Cup, Quidditch Set and Firebolt. What a pity there are so little outfits in this line! Especially for girls as they are so beautiful.


My second love was Stella. This mold left a lasting impression on me! These dolls are so charming tender and delicate. Some of my friends say there is something in common between me and them that’s why I became very interested in these dolls. Now I have only four Stellas but as for me they are the most beautiful: Far East Stella, Poison Ivy, Alyce  Re-Imagination, Holiday Spark Stella. The last one came to me lately and became a very nice surprise for me as she is so rare and there aren’t any pictures of her in the Internet. But she is the most beautiful and gorgeous of all.

I’d like to thank Mr. Tonner for producing this Head Sculpt on Antoinette’s body. I have been dreaming about it the whole year and at last my dream came true and now I’ve got Chris with her long beautiful hair.

Last year Head Sculpt Duchess became a real discovery for me. I fell in love with this Head Sculpt but wasn’t able to buy the doll after convention, so I have been searcing for it on e-bay for quite a long time and it became mine just on the New Year Eve. It was a pleasant present for Christmas holidays and now it is the most favorite doll in my collection. But now she has a twin sister with Tonner sign which is double pleasant.

Here all my girls are together:

I love my Breathless Haunting – 2010 very much too as she became Bellatrix Lestrange in my collection. She has absolutely gorgeous hair as long as I like.

And then I bought Glamorous Red – 2010 which became the sister of Bellatrix in my collection. She is Andromeda Tonks in my doll story.

This was our Profile Pic of the Week on Facebook


And Duchess became a real Narcissa Malfoy the wife of Lucius and Draco’s mother.


Here are the Black sisters together


Now I have 47 dolls in my collection:

After first year of collecting

After the second year of collecting


I have my own DollPlanet thread: I’m sure I’ ll have new dolls in future.

I can’t help waiting for Halloween convention hoping to see a new character from Harry Potter there.

I’m so happy I met Tonner dolls.

And I’m sure when time comes all our dreams come true as it couldn’t be different.


Thank you so much Oksana for sharing with us your dolls and your doll-collecting talent. Everyone be sure to check out the rest of her pics in our Facebook album.


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