Posting Photos Just For the Joy of It – Cliff Chan of Fashion Doll Empire

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photo: Cliff Chan

Sharing Great Fashion Doll Photos

One of the great things about reading Doll blogs is coming across the spectacular doll work that collectors share. And Cliff’s Fashion Doll Empire is one of the best. We were surfing around and came across this lovely OOAK share back in August, visit the post to see two more wonderful pictures, from one of the best:

I always found it entertaining when I read in Prego that some people posted their dolls’ pictures with the title “Just Because”.  I guess sometimes you just feel like to do something without any strong reasons or a particular theme….you just wanted to do it because it pleases you. So tonight, I feel like to do so – to post a few snap shots of my OOAK tan skin Tian Shi.

see the rest: Fashion Doll Empire: Just Because She is Tian Shi.

If you haven’t been following Cliff, this is how he describes himself (below). Cliff is in Hong Kong, another wonderful international collector,  it was Tamara from Mexico city who pointed us his way.

I am a big fashion dolls collector in Hong Kong. Collecting is a wonderful and exciting journey. Like any collections, it is time and money consuming. BUT along the way, you could have many exciting new discoveries and joy! Whether a fashion doll is a piece of plastic, vinyl, resin or porcelain, it all depends on how much you want to appreciate it, every bit of it! To me, the more I understand fashion dolls, the more I found it that they are all art! Come and enjoy the discovery with me in this blog!! P.S.: I am in no way associated with any doll manufacturers, dealers, designers, artists etc.

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