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We love discovering new Tonner communities around the world, as regular readers of this blog know by now. One of the most interesting to us is our Tonner Russian community. We have a Tonner Doll retailer in Russia but due to natural language limitations we haven’t been able to get to know our collectors themselves. That all changed when we found the doll blog Snoqualmie Fall (the link is Google translated from the Russian), guided to it by our wonderful Mexico City collector Tamara. The blog’s author Marina was kind enough to write a little something about herself, and about the Russian Doll collecting community that she knows. Enjoy this trip into Russia. And if any Russian collectors would like to tell us about themselves too, feel free to email us at




I am pleased to tell you about myself and my collection of dolls Tonner. My name is Marina, I am 32 years old, I live in Russia in St. Petersburg, I am a professional teacher of Russian language and literature, but at the moment I do not work, because bringing up my baby son.



I loved dolls since my childhood, I had a large collection of Barbie… But since I saw the dolls Tonner, my heart belongs only to them. Now my collection consists of more than 20 dolls, some of them are here . All of them came to me this year.



I love to sew doll clothes, and Tonner dolls are ideal models for me. Recently, my heart is Antoinette, I admire her plastic, flexible body, beautiful face, I sew most of the outfits exactly for Antoinette. Basically, all the dresses I make of satin ribbons. Before I made them by hand, but now I use a sewing machine. I tried to sew dresses of fabric, but realized that I was not very interested in this, – it’s much more pleasant for me to work with ribbon, you never know what you get as a result. I don’t make patterns, urged every dress during the process, so I do not have the same outfits. All dresses are made in one copy, sometimes I present them to my friends, but most of them are still with me, I have accumulated quite a large collection of dresses made of ribbon.


In Russia, Toner dolls are very popular. We have a great doll site, where collectors share their pictures, discuss new doll, give advice to novice collectors. Here’s a topic dedicated to dolls Tonner . Sometimes in my city (and in other Russian cities as well), people organize meetings for collectors of dolls, here are pictures from one of such meetings. These meetings are always held in a warm friendly atmosphere, it is always nice to talk to people with whom you share a common passion.



Here are links to pages of my friends who live in different cities in Russia, with them I communicate online only.
Kate [edit: we repaired this link, be sure to see Kate’s work!]
I am very pleased that I have the opportunity to tell you the fate of the Tonner dolls in Russia.
Perhaps the secret of popularity is in fact that these dolls have a very gentle human faces, close to what the Russian collectors want – for the most part in their preferences they tend to naturalistic image. Russian people play with dolls, come up with their biographies, make doll houses, compose stories. For us, the doll it’s not only a toy, not a piece of furniture, a doll for Russian collector is a living creature that needs love, affection and respect.

Sincerely yours


Again, thank you so much Marina for introducing us to you, and the Russian collector community. And isn’t your boy wonderful! And we look forward to hearing from our other International Tonner collectors. In fact all of our collectors who would like to tell us their story.

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