Meet Collector James Griffen – The Tonner Profile Pic of the Week

Antoinette Hypnotic  – From James Griffen

Today we celebrate and highlight the work of James Griffen who’s marvelous Monaeglow Pink just captures something wonderful. As you know each week we select an uploaded picture to our Facebook page, and this past week it has been James’s creation. She has really graced our community there. We asked him to tell us a little about himself, his work and his collecting. We really love discovering just who our collectors and artists are, and James is just wonderful – and what a great father.

I began playing.. or collecting dolls around 1964. I was fascinated with a friend’s Barbie, Midge and friends… all of those clothes and the trunks! Midge my favourite. She always seemed like she was Barbie’s not so pretty, but truly faithful friend. It’s always good to have faithful friends. Dolls and toys in general were to great friends to me. I was an only child being brought up by a single father. (My mother had passed away when I was 2) My father always let me have Barbies as well as Tonka trucks… he didn’t see anyhting wrong with the dolls. He told me when I asked him when I was 35 “Why did you let me have dolls, when so many parents never would?” He said that he never saw them as girls toys. He thought they were like mini-people, interacting. He said they kept me busy, and I was happy playing with them. I had everything.. the Country Camper. all of it. Funny thing was when he would want me to go shopping with him for new school clothes, he would lure me with the promise of a new Barbie, after the clothes had been picked out. He eventually remarried and he and his wife continued to buy me Collector Barbies until he passed away 3 years ago. I still collect Barbies (maybe 500 Barbies?), I own 3 Sybarites, Gene, Madra, Fashion Royalty and of course Tonner products.

I was introduced to Tonner dolls by a doll dealer sales lady, who would eventually become a good friend of mine. She gave me a Tyler and some Gene dolls, plus enough clothing to keep me going.. or get me started. She knew I was getting bored with Barbies, and she suggested that I try the big girls. Fast forwarding a bit.. I have a few Tylers, Jacs (my favourite is Blush & Bashful Jac with her micro braids), Cami and Twilight Jacob but Antoinette is my current doll muse. I love the graceful poses she and Cami can do with their swivel knees. (I wish Tyler would get those) My Tonner Doll Dream is that Tonner would do a Lady GaGa doll.. I know the licensing could be a slight nightmare.. but I know that Tonner would do it correctly.

Details on James’ Styling

I’m very glad that you liked the styling and the touch ups that I did to Hypnotic Antoinette’s lovely face. I changed the eye shadow, and removed the painted on eyelashes a tad.. as I am not a big fan of eyelashes painted into the eyelid crease. I gave her a liquid eyeliner look and did a ruby red wash over her lips. I use Golden Liquid Paints and seal them with Golden Varnish. I used a high gloss varnish on her eyelids and lips so that the light would catch those. Hypnotic’s hair was wet with water, and I combed a section of hair over her head.. sort of side part. I added mousse and let it set.

As you can see, my dolls like to mix it up. Lately, my music passion and muse is Lady GaGa and my dolls seem to add some her flare and fun to their lives. I purchased the platinum Lady GaGa wig, seen here [below] on Antoinette, from doll friend Anthony-Hawaii. (He also posts on Prego) It is a hard cap wig, and just sits on the dolls head.

 I post doll pics on various doll boards under the name Paradise Blue, not so creatively, I thought up the name after purchasing Fashion Royalty Veronique “Paradise” from My Favourite Doll in Canada in 2003. She was my introduction to Internet/Doll/Playing/Collecting. Until then, I just collected dolls and kept it to myself. LOL. I didn’t know there was a Internet world to dolls.

Take a Look Below!

Here are some selected photos from James’ work. Truly beautiful stuff. He uploads to The Doll Page where you can find his album, and he tells us he is seriously considering starting a blog which really would be a wonderful thing. It would be great to keep track of his work and read the details as he produces them. And we of course loved his idea of a Gaga doll, as we have been hearing from others and have put it in our suggestion box.

Antoinette - Gaga - Hearts
Antoinette - Paradise Blue
Antoinette Sweeping - Side Glance
Antoinette Sweeping - Afternoon Snooze

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  1. James is an artist that we have known for a number of years. He can make an ugly doll, beautiful, and beautiful girls, fantastic.
    love ya James

    Just me

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